Why should I replace my windows?

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Window replacements can make a significant impact on a person’s home. They can change the entire way your home looks from both the interior and exterior. Many people change their window design during a bathroom remodel or a kitchen renovation, where adding more light can significantly improve the space.

But for those who aren’t in the middle of a home redesign project, it can be hard to know when and why you should think about window replacement. However, getting new windows can have a wide variety of benefits to many homeowners. Here are a few ways that new windows can improve your home. 

You won’t hear so much outdoor noise
One of the benefits of replacement windows is that they offer homeowners a way to quiet down the neighborhood around them. Whether you live near an airport, train tracks, a highway or just a loud dog, double-paned replacement windows can help keep that noise outdoors where it belongs.

Maintenance is much easier 
You may not realize how big of a hassle it was to clean and maintain your old windows until the new ones are installed. But, according to an article by Brian Kiernan on The Replacement Window Adviser blog, replacement windows can offer homeowners a variety of options that’ll give them peace of mind when it comes to maintenance. Most replacement options don’t ever need paint, while others are more sturdy against outdoor weather. And nearly every new window will be a breeze to keep clean, so you can look out through the glass and feel like there’s nothing between you and the outdoors. Chris LoCascio explains that there are even glass options that self clean the outside of the window. “And no it doesn’t clean the inside for you,” jokes LoCascio.

Your new windows will make your whole home look better
Not only are new windows nice to see through, but they’re a pleasure to look at. With replacement windows, you can choose a new style, whether that means eliminating grids from your windows or adding them – a small change like this can completely alter the look of your home for the better. Replacement windows come in such a wide variety that they really can help you accomplish any look you want. You can keep an elegant, traditional look of an old home or use more modern window fixtures to breathe new life into a 1950s house. Replacement windows can give your home curb appeal and may just be the touch to add when you’re unhappy with the exterior.

They’ll keep you warm all winter
People may not realize how important windows are for retaining heat until after they replace them. New windows can help you stay cozy all winter long by not letting your warm air outside, Kiernan explained. “Replacing your windows can greatly improve the comfort of your home. In the winter, the new windows will help keep the cold air out of your home and the heat in your home,” he wrote.

According to LoCascio, “the most effective way to keep your house warm in the colder months is a product called Heat Mirror Film, which keeps your heat inside the home especially after dark. Most other glass systems are great at solar control only.”

If you’re thinking of outfitting your home with a few new windows, talk to a general contractor about the many additional benefits that replacement windows have on a home’s look, feel and function.

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