How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

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It is commonly recommended to spend nearly 10 percent of your entire house on furniture. If the number is too high for you, you shouldn’t worry too much. All of us have spent at least some time browsing all those decorative magazines and TV shows but felt worried that their budget is too limited to afford all those fashionable patterns. Fortunately, after proper research on the web, content writers revealed countless ways on how to furnish the house on a shoestring budget. 


Nearly everything is cheaper to do by yourself instead of contacting interior design professionals. It doesn’t really matter whether you want to make a design plan of all fittings or simply make a home repair. Kindly consider that hiring an entire team to furnish your house may be too costly and inefficient in terms of your personal imagination. 

Basically, you are left with your house on a low budget; what’s your next step?

What we sincerely advise is to conduct all those messy planning, designing, and projecting tasks by yourself. You’ll save dozens of extra funds, but it also can be too hard or even impossible to deal with such rooms as a bathroom or kitchen by yourself. In this case, hiring a professional team won’t be inconvenient.

Priorities First

We bet that the entire furnishing process from scratch might be too compulsive and extravagant. If you recently built a new house or just relocated to your new house, we commonly recommend writing your priorities on a piece of paper. One of the most useful techniques is to rank rooms in terms of priority and relevance for your preferences. 

By doing so, you’ll be most likely to furnish your home consecutively with each room furnished instead of under-decorating each and every space of your house. Don’t be too ashamed to invite guests even if some rooms still lack furniture; nothing is shameful about that, especially if your budget is somewhat limited.

Second Hand, Thrift Shops, and Consignment Options

Obviously, everybody demands to furnish their houses with brand-new fittings from fashionable stores. Have you forgotten about the budget and planning already? With regards to one of the most surprising, yet vital options for you to consider is to use some second-hand options. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to afford to get all the furniture you need by circulating over your budget constraints. 

A number of large thrift stores offer a diversified choice of furniture for your home. Although you might end up only buying lamps, glassware, and chairs, these furniture pieces are still needed to complete the most courageous ideas and concepts. Once again, there’s nothing shameful in using second-hand options because some of the craziest interior designs might be completed without even a single piece of new furniture.

Changing Your Mind Is OK

If you have your plan of idea space allocation with all furniture on your piece of paper, you’re most likely to stick to it throughout the entire process of furnishing. However, almost all calculations and estimations end in failure because of budget limitations, limited choice of furniture, and other factors. 

So, if a certain period of furnishing goes the opposite way you planned, don’t be hesitant to change your mind on certain interior decisions. You might either postpone the purchase of that elegant wardrobe or even change your bedroom project entirely.

Not enough living space? You can expand it and even add a second floor to your home. So, you shouldn’t stick to a single picture in your mind since the final result will differ; we promise.


This is dogma in furnishing a house regardless of the available budget. Even if you projected your perfect furniture pieces, reassess each of the chosen options. Presumably, some pieces are just temporary substitutions of more pricey interior elements, while others are of crucial importance. Buy new mattresses and living room sofas without any financial hesitations. 

Even though we simultaneously recommend to purchase some second-hand pieces of furniture, your leisure should be placed beyond all budget-related issues. You might even consider making your new house a piece of minimalist art by emphasizing the quality of purchased furniture rather than quantity.

Research Wisely

Even if you assume that you’ve already made a choice on those bed frames and desks, don’t forget to browse the web. Sometimes placing an online order to get particular pieces of furniture is more cost-efficient than making an impulsive purchase at the nearest IKEA. Depending from your budget constraints, one may underline that one of the most plausible solutions is to get acquainted with convenient online platforms for price comparison. 

Sometimes you might even furnish an entire garden merely from the funds saved by this method. So, even if those slipcovers are looking at you and begging to buy them, don’t regret conducting some online research to search for lower prices for the same exact product lines.

Your Home Is Your Home

Sometimes we encounter situations when the houses were furnished grounded on the recommendations of close friends. Even if your close friend furnished her house fully while being on a low budget, don’t forget that a shoestring budget might be sharply different among two people; same goes with tastes, priorities, and values. While some might give you a recharging idea of how to save an extra $50, others might transform your furnishing process into a complete mess. 

Listen to your heart and your mind, at the same time, sneaking into your wallet. By doing so, you’d omit unnecessary purchases, impulsive decisions, and recommendations from people with other mindsets. If you’re uncertain on how to furnish one room, kindly ask those whom you trust. In all other contexts, don’t forget returning to this page and getting some useful tips on how to furnish your house on a shoestring budget.

About The Author: John McGill was born and raised in Farmingdale, New York. He was a project manager before shifting to content writing company where he created new blog posts, content for landing pages and reviews of classical novels. He lives in New York City and is actively looking for new out-of-the-box ideas and tips. 
Photos by Victoria Borodinova, Vecislavas Popa & Burst from Pexels


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