8 Details That Will Add Style to Your House on a Budget

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Everyone likes the look of a stylish, luxurious house. A misconception people often have, however, is that you need to spend a lot of money to achieve that kind of image. Instead of buying gorgeous furniture, being imaginative is more likely to help you create your perfect home. Once you have the right ideas, there’s a lot of elements you can work on.

Understand the Colors

Before you begin, you need to understand your surroundings. Brighter colors inside your home, orange or green, for example, will stand out in a grey city area. Also, there might be no need to repaint your walls. Simply work around the existing color.

White is by no means a ‘bad’ color for a wall; you can create a beautiful contrast by getting some colorful pillows for your bed, or sofa. Playing with colors will bring out the details; it’s all about balance. You might want to implement slight variations from room to room but aim to achieve the same vibe throughout your entire home.

Create Vignettes

The best way to make the most out of every room is to create vignettes. If you don’t have enough time to decorate your entire home, or you simply don’t feel any inspiration at the moment, this is a wonderful solution. You can create vignettes practically anywhere. In your kitchen, you could focus on your kitchen island. In your living room, for instance, the focal point could be your coffee table.

Have one item on the table that will stand out from the rest in terms of height; a stack of books is always stylish and adds a scholarly touch. Greenery is always welcome, as well. Adding a small flower vase will add a bit of life to the room. And lastly, don’t forget to add a bit of personality. Adding a gemstone, a bracelet, or anything quirky to the table is an important step in creating your vignette.

Revamping Old Furniture

Some people own a few antiques, and they’re often great to build upon. They easily influence a room, giving it a historic, vintage feel. You could focus your home design around them if you like the vibe they bring. But on the other hand, some of this furniture might not fit in.

An old kitchen table, for example, won’t suit a modern look you’re aiming to implement around your house. A bit of inspiration and DIY work, however, can transform a table and make it perfect for your needs. Sanding the table will remove stains and freshen it up. Afterwards, applying stain will finish the job. Depending on the desired color, you’ll be applying multiple layers of stain.

Give the Windows Some Attention

Some people see windows as the eyes of a home, and as such, you’ll want to apply some make-up. Homeowners color their window frames to achieve contrast and make them stand out. A more-budget friendly method of treating your windows is getting the proper curtains. Stay away from anything too heavy, you want your curtains to be light and to complement your room.

Mirrors and Frames

What do mirrors bring into our home? Most importantly, light. A great way of lighting up rooms and creating a welcoming atmosphere is to set up mirrors at the right spots. Pictures also do a marvelous job at decorating a wall and making it more attractive. Choosing a picture frame or picture board is important, as you want both the wall you’re adorning and the memory to stand out. A wonderfully wide choice of picture frames gives you a great chance of finding one that fits.

Dedicate Space

If you have a room or desk dedicated to your work and business, make it obvious with a work lamp and equipment you need for paperwork. Place a few comfy pillows on your living room sofa, and make it an inviting spot for relaxation. Dedicate segments of your house to parts of your daily schedule. The organization is stylish in its own right, and an organized home can speak clearly to its visitors while making them feel welcome.

The Front Door

The first impression people get will come from your front door. Laying out a doormat in front of your door doesn’t take much work, but already makes your home seem more welcoming. Why hadn’t we mentioned the front door earlier? It is easier to adapt the entrance to your style, rather than the other way around. Once you’ve stylized your home to your liking, you might be worried about getting a mat that complements it. The best choice you could make is to order personalized mats online. You won’t be spending a lot of money, and you’ll be given a great choice of mats.

When someone takes the first few steps into your house, don’t make it difficult for them; instead of having shoes lying around, dedicate one of your cabinets to them. A shoe cabinet would serve to put away footwear, in order to avoid clutter at the door. Do you think a flower vase would be a nice addition as well? Why not try it out? As mentioned prior, it’s important to use your imagination if you want to make the most out of your home.

Avoid Clutter

Lastly, as mentioned above, something that you should always aim to avoid is a clutter. Less is often more; keeping things to a minimum will let the beautiful parts stand out. A crowd will drown out your accessories and the things worth noticing. People go on shopping sprees for something to make their home more beautiful, but in most cases, this is the wrong way to go.

If you want to add style to your house, you can do so without spending a penny. What homeowners are missing most of the time is proper organization. Understanding your surroundings and what you can work with is a necessity, as is imagination. If you can’t stylize entire rooms, create vignettes. Don’t throw away old furniture, as a bit of refurbishing is likely all it needs. Most importantly, invite some friends over when you’re done. They might come up with an idea that never crossed your mind.


About The Author: Emma Williams is a young mother of 2, having expertise in writing about various topics of lifestyle, beauty, home improvement and a lot more. She enjoys diving into new aspects of life, learning as much as possible from the business world, marketing and branding. She likes sharing her thoughts and ideas to the world and helping people to get easier access to the secrets of the world.

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