8 Budget-Friendly Backyard Ideas to Create an Outdoor Oasis

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Are you looking for affordable backyard ideas to give your garden a new lease of life?

Then, we have the perfect landscaping and design ideas to ensure your green space looks and feels good.

Our ideas are both affordable and simple to implement. From using affordable furniture to transforming your yard with useful plants, these garden ideas are budget-friendly and will give your patio a complete makeover.

1.      Go for affordable furniture

Having comfortable furniture in your backyard gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoor air as you spend time with your family.

But you don’t need to go for expensive outdoor seating to enjoy some sun. Whether you’re looking for an affordable reclining outdoor swing or several side tables, here are tips to get inexpensive furniture for your backyard.

  • Look out for used patio seating on online sites such as Letgo or Craigslist
  • Use leftover tires to create comfortable seats or ottomans
  • Attach a waterproof cushion on a tree stump to have a portable, comfortable seat
  • Use milk crates as outdoor seats by covering them with waterproof cushions
  • Revive your old patio table or seat by cleaning it or painting it
  • Look out for DIY outdoor furniture ideas online to make your affordable outdoor seating

2.      Try a coat of paint

A lick of paint on your backyard fence or planters can make a striking difference to your backyard.

Paint your old planters with a bold, eye-catching color to make them stand out. If you have an old bench, fence, or a shed that’s an eyesore in your garden, you can paint them in a neutral black color. Such color will transform them into a focal point within your yard.

You can also paint the concrete floor of your patio with bold colors to give it a burst of life.  Besides, painting your patio floor is more affordable than using tiles.

3.      Use affordable lights in your backyard

Outdoor lights bring a warm glow to your yard or patio. You can drape fairy lights down a table or wrap them over tree branches to give your garden a twinkling glow.

When looking for outdoor string lights, go for fairy lights, white twinkle lights, or clear globe lights that are affordable and durable.

4.      Grow some plants

The cheapest way to give your backyard a new lease of life is to add some green plants. Flowers, when planted in your yard, beautify your outdoors. You can also choose to grow vegetables and herbs.

Useful plants such as vegetables, herbs, and bug-repelling plants make your backyard both beautiful and functional. For instance, vegetables and herbs such as eggplants, onions, peas, peppers, parsley, cilantro, and basil when planted in your yard allow you to have some nutritious veggies and herbs right outside your door.

5.      Try a vertical garden

A vertical garden is an affordable backyard idea. It’s also the best solution if you want to add some plants to a backyard with limited space. Vertical gardening involves growing your plants in such a way that they grow vertically. As well as looking pleasing, Realtor Darren Robertson of Northern Virginia Real Estate says, “A vertical garden can increase property values by up to 20%.”

Recycle old materials such as old paint cans, pots, or plastic bottles to grow your plants as they are budget-friendly.  You can also repurpose PVC pipes or gutters by mounting them on your backyard fence or exterior wall. Drill holes at the bottom of these pipes for proper drainage before planting your plants.

6.      Tame the weeds

A yard full of weeds will ruin the beauty of your garden, rob your plants’ space and could even put your cat or dog at risk.

But how do you ensure weeds don’t stand a chance in your backyard without resorting to expensive and harmful chemicals?

Here are a few ideas.

Use mulch – Mulch covers weed seeds ensuring they don’t get sunlight for their growth. Mulch is also great as it provides your plants with the nutrients and moisture they need. You can use affordable and organic mulches such as wood chips, newspapers, shredded leaves, pebbles, sand, or wheat straw.

Plant cover crops – Cover crops such as barley, clover, or wheat spread quickly and block weeds. They block sunlight from weed seeds while others produce chemicals that keep weed germination to a minimum.

Reduce the open backyard space– Do not keep the soil in your yard bare for too long. You can plant some useful plants to reduce the open space. Ensure you grow your plants close together to minimize weed growth. You can go for affordable perennials that come back every year, which you can also divide to gain more plants.

7.      Go for a cheap paving material

If you’re looking for hardscaping ideas, consider less expensive paving materials such as gravel or pebbles.

If you have a concrete paved patio, you can add an outdoor rug to add a cozy feeling to it. Go for a carpet with a bold pattern to make a statement.

8.      Feed the birds

A backyard gives you a chance to enjoy watching birds at the comfort of your garden.

Adding feeders in your backyard will attract a variety of bird species to your garden. From hummingbirds, sparrows, woodpeckers, tanagers, these birds will thank you with their sweet melodies. Listening to birds chirping sounds can do wonders to lift your mood after a long day at the office.

To make homemade bird feeders, use old soup or baked beans tins, wash them, and fill them with birdseed.  Feeding birds also invites them to eat worms, insects, spiders, and snails that may be a nuisance in your garden.


In closing, upgrading your backyard doesn’t have to be costly. The above inexpensive ideas can transform your garden into an outdoor oasis. Try them, and you’ll find yourself spending more time in your yard.

About The Author: Mackey Wallace is working as a freelance content writer. He likes blogging on topics related to Home Improvement, Interior Designs, parenting, and fitness. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Accountancy and Creative Writing.
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

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