How to prepare your home for winter

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It is not a secret that if we live in places with 4 seasons, we need to adapt our house to the cold or hot weather that approaches every time the season changes.

Now that winter is coming, it is better to start adapting our home to the cold days. In this way, we can optimize the resources that we have at our disposal to combat the cold weather.

The ideal would be to maintain the maximum warm temperature at home while keeping in mind the home energy efficiency on a budget. By doing this you will be able to keep the comfort at home while saving in your monthly energy bill.

Where to start?

In this article, we will provide you with the 8 best practices that will let you be prepared for the winter. You need to start working on the arrangements in advance, so the winter does not catch you unprepared.

Check the conditions of your heater systems

Whether you use a furnace, boilers, radiant heating, or a reverse air conditioner system you need to check the system conditions.

For furnace, boilers, and radiant heating systems it is ideal to start checking their conditions in autumn, as they haven’t been used yet. You may need time to perform a deep cleaning and keep them clear without any cover that inhibits the passage of heat.

For reverse air conditioners, you have to keep in mind that you have used the system all year long as it keeps your home cool as well, so it is important to perform proper maintenance and be ready for winter.

If one of your heating sources is a fireplace keep it clean as well and don’t forget to buy enough firewood.

Check the insulation of the house

To ensure good heat insulation at home you need to check all the possible sources of air entry in the house.

Keep an eye on the doors and windows as they will generate heat loss, try to keep them close, and if possible seal the cracks and crevices around them with waterproof caulk.

Insulate the pipes

Pipes are prone to freeze in extreme temperatures, so you need to insulate them to prevent them from freezing. Remember to keep your cabinet doors open to let the air circulate in places like under the sink and other places where pipes are located.

Clean the gutters

The gutters have to be clean for the water and snow to drain properly. To do that you will need a ladder, a gutter scoop, and gloves to clean the leaves and debris.

Please keep in mind that it may be dangerous for you to clean the gutters by yourself, so we recommend hiring an expert in the matter.

Change the bedding

It is time to change the summer bedding for heavy and warm blankets or duvets. Remember that the winter cold gets heavier at night so you will need to find the best temperature to sleep.

Also, your clothing has to go along with the weather, say goodbye to short pants and short sleeves shirts and change them for sweaters and long pants. This will help you keep the heat when you are inside the house.

Put up the thick curtains

To keep the thermal comfort at home a good idea is to change your current curtains for some heavy and warm curtains made of artificial fur, velvet, or wool. You can also try thermal curtains if you live in a super cold area.

Remember that the greatest heat loss can occur through windows, losing up to 40% of the heat. This is the reason why putting the appropriate curtains is a strategic move. Do not forget to keep them closed in spaces that are not being occupied, also you can install a shutter for better insulation.

On the other hand, during the daytime, if the sunlight goes directly into your home through your windows you should open the curtains. Do not let anything block the sunlight, then at night, you can close your curtains again once you benefit from the natural solar heat.

Be prepared for winter-related emergencies

You need to be prepared for winter-related emergencies. Install a smoke detector if you don’t have one and test the batteries constantly, this is in case something happens with the heating sources. Also, protect your family from carbon monoxide by maintaining the grill, stoves, and generators out of the house.

It is a good practice to ventilate the house from time to time. In winter, we tend to keep the windows closed due to heat loss, but this may prevent the toxins from leaving the house.  For this reason, the best option is to open the windows in the morning for 5 to 10 minutes.

Do not forget about the emergency kit as it has to be equipped with extra batteries, lanterns, and first aid articles.

Take the garden furniture inside

Your garden furniture may get damaged due to the cold weather and the snow, especially if they are made of metal or wood. The best you can do is assign a space inside your house to store the furniture until winter ends. 

Décor your house while warming up your home

If you like to decorate the house, this is a good excuse. You can fill up your house with blankets in your bed and cushions in your couches. Also, you can add carpets as this will avoid direct contact from the floor with the environment.

Prepare to remove the snow

You will need to have a snowblower ready, make sure it is working properly so you will not have any problem when the moment of using it arrives. Also, you should have salt and shovel as a backup.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to follow these practices. Keep in mind that right now the weather is in your favor, so you have the facilities to implement these arrangements in advance. Do not let the winter catch you off guard! 

About The Author: Lucy is the Office Manager and Business All-Rounder at Ice Blast Air Conditioning and Electrical. Being married to the boss, who is an experienced Technician himself, means she has a vested interest in and has helped grow the company.  This direct involvement has developed her passion for all aspects of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R).  After 7 years of university study and work in the health field prior to joining the Ice Blast Team, Lucy thorough enjoys reading widely and translating that into succinct, tailored information for people.  With 2 young children, she is naturally caring with a drive to help others learn about the world and topics of interest. Ice Blast specializes in Air Conditioning, Electrical and Refrigeration maintenance, repairs and installations.  Located in Brisbane, QLD, allows the servicing of all suburbs in South-East Queensland.
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