Ways to Modernize Your Pool Area with Functional Updates

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Having a pool will increase the value of your property and give you new ways to relax and enjoy in your own household. The way your pool area is organized can make all the difference in the world. An already existing pool can be modernized and upgraded with the use of some additional structures and methods. There’s actually so much that you can do about your swimming pool area and here are some ideas you should consider.

1.      Install a waterfall

This is a simple investment but it can make a difference in the way your pool is perceived. Adding a waterfall feature to your pool is a complex project and, depending on your initiative, it can be quite expensive. It also keeps the water moving, thus enabling the pool to stay fresh for longer. The movement of the water is known to release negative ions, thus purifying it in the process. Other than this, you get to enhance the ability to relax by your own pool. This is because the noise created by the waterfall creates a calming effect.

2.      Wooden deck

A hardwood deck is really the go-to solution for anyone who wants to modernize the immediate area around their pool. Wood is more flexible than concrete, it is also a lot softer, which means that should someone slip and fall, this method would prove to be potentially beneficial. Not to mention that, when moist, a wooden deck is a lot less slippery than any alternative. Since it’s an aesthetic, quality solution, it significantly contributes to the resale value of the place. Lastly, it comes in different colors and textures, which means that it can efficiently fit any layout or design idea.

3.      A resting area

In the introduction, we’ve mentioned the fact that a pool can be used as a great resting area. First of all, during the summer blaze, the coldest area of the backyard is definitely next to the pool. However, you can make this area even fresher by looking for pool and garden umbrellas. This way, you can cover the seating area next to the pool, providing the shade and giving yourself a chance to enjoy even the hottest of summer days. Other than this, having a cover over the resting area may ensure that you have an easier job of cleaning the pool. Some of the debris may be stopped by this cover.

4.      Natural landscape

Combining suitable outdoor plants (like mini palm trees) with natural materials of the surrounding area (stone, ideally) is one of the best ways to transform the area. It can make your backyard look like a proper seaside resort. In fact, this might not be a bad idea to start with. Why not try to recreate the setting of a seaside resort on your own property. Sure, the climate might not be matching but during the hottest summer days (when your poolside area is in use the most), you can get pretty close to this. The downside is that this requires quite a bit of care, not to mention that it can get quite expensive.

5.      Focus on the lighting

There’s no better idea than to enhance your pool area with some adequate lighting. With the right positioning, the turquoise water of the pool can become a captivating focal point of your backyard. This is an aesthetic improvement for your backyard but it also increases the overall safety. It makes it easier for you to mind your footing and avoid stepping into the pool by accident. It’s also something that can make night swims more enjoyable. Lastly, when given a chance, you should always go for LED.

In conclusion

In the end, you need to understand that modernizing your pool area with functional updates benefits both the resale value of your home and your ability to enjoy it. The benefits are multi-fold and it’s incredibly important that you make them both fit the setting and your budget. Sure, some of the above-listed ideas can be expensive but a pool area has always been a luxury feature, to begin with. In other words, it’s more than worth the investment, either way.


About The Author: Emily Miller is a blogging enthusiast, writing about life-work related topics. Passionate about home improvement and interior design.
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