How to Do a Laundry Room Makeover

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If you want to change things up around the house, and do a makeover, consider doing it to your laundry room. Since our surroundings influence us more than we think, upgrading your laundry room could positively impact your attitude around chores and make it more efficient.

Want to know how you can give your laundry room a facelift? Here are some tips for any budget:

Organize the Room

To make doing laundry more enjoyable, start by decluttering it. Get rid of anything you don’t need anymore and place everything in its own place. To help you stay organized, get some new containers, storage bins and shelf units to store all your materials and laundry. 

Upgrade the Lighting

If you want to have the room looking more relaxing to set a good mood for doing laundry, consider changing the lighting. Well-lit rooms can completely change the room and make doing laundry more enjoyable. It’s also a good idea to add some decorative lighting such as fairy lights and lanterns.

Paint the Walls

If you’re up for a bigger change, consider adding a new color of paint to your laundry room. Painting the walls even if it’s the same color can make it look like new. But if you want to go all out, consider adding a statement wall with an unconventional color. One good tip is to keep the ceiling white to maximize the light in the room. 

Hang Wall Art

If you like hanging wall art around the house, have you ever thought of doing it to the laundry room? Instead of a purely decorative piece, consider adding a laundry cheat sheet to your wall to help with directions on how to wash your clothes.


Feeling inspired to do a  laundry room makeover? If you need more tips, check out this guide on laundry room organization

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