Laundry Room Ideas to Freshen Up the Small Space

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Let’s face it – nobody likes doing laundry, but it is one of the house chores that just have to be done. So, why not make it more enjoyable by setting a laundry room you will actually want to spend your time in? Many homeowners find theirs to be just a simple utility room that came with a house, but they can turn it into a place others will admire with just a little effort. We have gathered some laundry room ideas to freshen up the small space, now let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Functionality comes first

We have just mentioned that a laundry room is one of the utility rooms in your home, so it should serve a useful purpose before anything else. Having a small laundry room is not an excuse since we have seen many stunning ones taking up a bit over ten square feet.

If you are just now designing your future laundry room, you need to think about all its functions: washing, drying, ironing, and folding. Bearing that in mind, we can conclude that washer, dryer, and ironing board are must-haves. A sink for treating your clothes that needs to be hand-washed is undoubtedly a plus. A place to store your laundry detergents, washing accessories, and anything else you use in there should also be present.

You should design this room with your laundry routine in mind – if you have many clothes that need air-drying, you need to incorporate a drying rack somewhere (preferably above the sink). Similarly, if you have a big family and need to run full washing cycles daily, you probably need more folding space.

Practical can look nice too

The laundry room usually holds a lot of products, accessories, and several appliances used there. All of them need to have their designated space so that there is no clutter. To maximize the storage in your place, you will need to think ahead and measure everything before you go shopping for bins, baskets, and containers.

Also, don’t forget that laundry rooms can be very dangerous places for kids and pets. If you share your home with any of them, make sure that they don’t have access to the chemicals stored in the room and that they do not get burned or otherwise injured if unattended inside the laundry room.

Laundry baskets and bins

Even though you don’t see them as often in home decorating magazines and websites, bins, bags, or basket for sorting the dirty laundry are something that every house needs to have. These days you can get them in pretty much any size and design, so they can be decorative as well as practical.

Pretty containers

There are many creative ways to store the items usually kept in the laundry room. You can find thousands of bins and baskets to help you organize your possessions and hide the clutter. Wicker baskets are trendy, just like the labeled boxes are. Choose some that fit your interior, and your laundry room will become a more attractive place to spend your time in.

You can also get some glass jars to store your detergents, baking soda, clothespins, etc. They can be a relatively inexpensive way to get everything organized and nicely arranged.

Plastic bins can be great for storing laundry materials. Stackable ones will save you a lot of space. They are easy to find on websites like Capital City Bins and similar, and if you find them boring, you can always embellish them or ask your kids to do so. They will enjoy the task, trust us.

Decorative items

Every room looks better when there is some art incorporated. Given that the laundry rooms can have a moisture issue (especially if they do not have a window), maybe you should avoid hanging paintings with high financial or sentimental value. Stores selling household items offer wall art that you can choose from and refresh your laundry room without wasting too much money. You can even get some posters (framed or not) or print the images you like and hang those on your washing room walls.

Flowers bring the best in every room

Flowers are a great addition to every single space in your home and all color schemes, so why not put it in your laundry room? There are many sorts of potted flowers that can be grown in a laundry room regardless of whether they get the natural light or not. If you are not so familiar with the options you have, you can ask around in your local garden store. Of course, you can look for some cute pots to hold the flowers while you are there.

Freshly cut flowers will freshen up your laundry room as nothing else can. The only trouble with those is that you will have to change them quite often.

Dry flowers might be the most practical option for your laundry room. It doesn’t require maintenance, and you can change it every now and then when you feel like it. Look for them in a garden store, flower shop, or get them in your favorite home decoration store. Nowadays, you can even get artificial flowers that look just as luxurious as the real ones do!

Other details that can freshen up your laundry room

Lighting plays a vital role in the atmosphere of a room. Nothing can replace the natural light, so if you have a window in your washing and drying room, make sure that nothing blocks it. Avoid the curtains if you can, or at least get the transparent ones. When it comes to artificial lighting, since this is a utility room, you should have task lights installed. Battery operated candles will make the room look more subtle, but you can’t really rely on those to give you enough light to be comfortable while washing or ironing.

Signs and messages

Motivational messages and funny signs are viral these days. People get them for their kitchen, office, and you’ve guessed it – the laundry room. Some are actually very useful for reminding your family members about the rules of washing and drying, so these signs can be practical too.


The laundry room is a part of your home that should be functional and practical, but with a bit of effort, you can turn it into a room you will want to spend more time in. We hope that you liked our laundry room ideas to freshen up the small space and that you will remember them when the time comes for you to rearrange yours.

Author’s bio: Amanda Rimes is an interior home designer born and raised in NYC. Small living spaces are her specialty since she has only recently moved to a bigger one. She likes partying with friends and checking out the new restaurants in NYC.
Image by Monfocus from Pixabay

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