Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Remodeling your home has many benefits. Not only does it make your house prettier and nicer to live in, it also increases its value. Even if you don’t have plans of selling your property too soon, remodeling your existing space is definitely a good investment.

Check out these remodeling tips that will surely lift the value of your home:

Planning Ahead

Never start a home remodeling project without a plan. Sit down, get a pen and paper (or your laptop) and a calculator, plus a cup of coffee (it’s going to be a long process). There are many things you have to consider when remodeling your home. These include the specific areas that need updating, the theme/style you want to incorporate, and how much you are willing to spend. You also should take into account your financing options. Should you tap your insurance provider, consider a cash advance, or withdraw from your savings account? Once you’ve drafted your plan, talk to a realtor to know which improvements would add more value to your home. Prioritize those.

Remodeling the Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Here are some smart tips to make your kitchen stylish and functional.

•  Try an island before you buy. A kitchen island is a modern addition to your kitchen. But it can reduce traffic flow, and limit the space as well as the number of people working in the kitchen. Make a makeshift island using boxes to check to see if you have enough space for it.
•  Make most things work. If you don’t need to rip down walls and expand your kitchen, you will save a ton of money keeping the current configuration.
•  Consider using compact appliances. The more compact your appliances are, the bigger your kitchen space will be. If you have outdated kitchen appliances, consider replacing them with more energy-efficient, space-saving ones.

Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Renovating the Bathroom

The bathroom may be the smallest part of your home, but it could be the most expensive to renovate if you don’t plan properly.

•  If you want a low-maintenance bathroom floor, choose porcelain or glazed tiles, rather than the porous ones like limestone. Tiles with textured surfaces or matte finishes are preferable as they aren’t slippery.
•  For caulking, choose acrylic or hybrid formula that makes replacement easier and safer. Make sure it contains mildewcide that provides protection for a number of years.
•  Amp up the wiring system. Outdated wires can cause troubles.
•  Instead of messy showerhead organizers, consider making a recessed cubby in the shower surround so your shampoos, soaps and other toiletries have a permanent spot.

Energy-Efficient Home

When remodeling a home, your concern is not only to make it more beautiful, but also energy-efficient. Here’s how to make your remodel more energy-efficient:

•  Check for water intrusion, excessive moisture and condensation before you start the project. Fixing these issues first will save you money on costly repairs in the future.
•  Make sure to insulate in between the framing of the walls. You want to make sure you not only insulate the exterior walls, but also the interior ones.
•  Consider investing in high-efficiency or solar water heaters. Insulate your water pipes too. When you’re wasting water, you are wasting energy.
•  Window frames made of wood are not only stylish, they are very energy-efficient too, as long as you don’t mind the maintenance of painting or staining. Vinyl windows are resistant to moisture, low maintenance, and are as energy-efficient as wood. Fiberglass windows are a good alternative to wood and vinyl as they provide exceptional insulation, however they can be more expensive

Cosmetic Fixes

You don’t need to spend so much on fancy decors to spruce up your home. The following tips should do:

•  You can dramatically improve the look of your room just by updating the lighting. Adding a floor lamp for instance can make your living room feel cozy rather than adding overhead lighting.
•  Bump up the curb appeal. Repaint your door. Add extra plants to the porch. Make your entry way more inviting.
•  Upgrade your landscaping. Sprucing up your outdoor space is equally important to updating your home interior.
•  Update your fixtures. Door knobs, faucets and locks are all fairly inexpensive cosmetic fixes that add an incredible appeal to your home.

Remodeling your home is a great way to increase its value. With these tips, you can make your home more stylish, energy-efficient, and more comfortable to live in, and in case you decide to sell it in the future, even more valuable. Don’t forget to plan ahead to make the process easier and budget-friendly.


About the author: Lidia Staron has been working as a writer, editor and literary coach for 5 years. She contributes articles about the role of finance in the strategic-planning and decision-making process. You can find really professional insights in her writings.

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