How Landscaping Can Make Your Home Look New

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Have you ever driven around a neighborhood (maybe even your own) and marveled at a gorgeous property and wished it were yours? We all admire handsome curb appeal, and often times, you don’t have to break the bank trying to achieve this enviable appearance. You can create small changes by yourself or big ones by hiring the right experts.

One thing is for sure, however, and that is the power of beautiful landscaping. Without it, your house is just another property on the block. Check out our landscaping tips that can bring new life to your home.

Green Grass

Let’s start with the front yard first, and consider your lawn. A lush, green, manicured lawn instantly allows your property to look fresh, handsome, and polished. Your grass, good or bad, is one of the first things that visitors notice.

You can grow gorgeous grass yourself by using fertilizer properly and by watering and mowing it regularly.

If you don’t have the time to care for your lawn, then call in the experts who are skilled in the art of maintaining a rich, green lawn. Call on the pros depending on where you are located. For example, search online for those who do lawn care in wherever you are at and it’ll lead you in the right direction. They can recommend sod or a program that includes putting down the right variety of grass seed, a lawn cutting schedule, etc.

Clean Lines

A little sprucing up can transform any property into an enviable one with a few tweaks here and there. It’s all about the clean lines, say landscape and home specialists like Bob Villa.

For example, edging gives every landscape that crisp, neat appearance. It sets your lawn and flower beds apart and can help define any property space and allow it to complement each other. A patio with edging and trees with edging are other examples of how a property can be tied cohesively together and look brand new.

You can perform manual edging or power edging, but both require patience, time, proper tools, and technique.

Front Door Appeal

If your home lacks pizazz when you walk up to the front door, there are a few landscaper’s tricks that can add some pop and prettiness to your facade. Every front side of a home is unique, but you can create interest with window boxes, for instance.

Placing colorful flowers into boxes that enhance your windows is inexpensive and draws the eye into the center of your home’s exterior.

You could also install small shrubbery next to the front of your home or add some vibrant flowers around your mailbox.

These are just a few small ways that deliver instant curbside appeal and add a sense of welcome.

Backyard Beauty

It doesn’t matter if you have a large backyard or a small one, you can still achieve awesome landscaping to set off your property. There are tons of ideas that your landscape experts can recommend.

For example, fencing or retaining walls are one option if your backyard features hilly terrain.

Or maybe you want to line the perimeter of your backyard with vibrant annuals or plant small trees that add texture, shade, and elegance to your property.

Maybe you dream of a courtyard to relax in or entertain guests in. The small hardscaped area offers functionality, privacy, and tranquility to a property’s backyard. Paving stone is an economical approach to encompass your courtyard, and it’s low maintenance.

Evergreen It

If you’re lazy about keeping up with your home’s landscaping but still want to present a stunning property, then think evergreen. That’s right. We’re talking about the wide variety of plants that can add exquisite, fresh beauty to your home’s exterior.

The good news is that evergreen plants maintain their verdant, vivid hues all year long. You also have so many choices to consider. There are adorable dwarf varieties that you can tuck neatly into your flower beds. You could arrange a nice, tall grouping of evergreens for privacy or even hide your home’s foundation with evergreen shrubs planted around the facade.

Every property can always use an exterior makeover, and landscaping offers a tremendous range of solutions for an instant upgrade. Even small changes can have a huge impact on the beauty of your home. Take your time and good luck!

About The Author: Regina Thomas is a Southern California native who spends her time as a freelance writer and loves cooking at home when she can find the time. Regina loves reading, music, hanging with her friends and family along with her Golden Retriever, Sadie. She loves adventure and living every day to the fullest.  
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