Tiny Changes That Will Make Your Home Instantly Happier

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Your home should always be a happy place. It should be a space where you can do things comfortably and be the best version of you. Your home should be a retreat where you create happy memories and a place where you find your peace. But if you have started feeling like it lacks happiness, here are a few changes that you can make.

Make Your Bed

Even though making your bed in the morning seems like a waste of time, it is something that can both increase your productivity as well as boost your happiness. While most of us have ditched the habit of making the bed in the morning once we’ve reached adulthood, it is something that is revisited. Making your bed takes just a couple of minutes and it will make your room a happier place instantly.

Show Off Your Happy Memories

There is nothing that will make your home happier than being reminded of all the wonderful memories. Choose to put up pictures that will make your heart feel warm when you see them. If you are not into having pictures around your home, try decorating it with objects that have meaning and a story.

Don’t Let Dishes Pile Up

Just the slightest sight of your mountain of dishes in your kitchen sink will ruin your whole day. That realization that it will wake an hour to clean everything, as well as the number of bacteria on it, will just gross you out. The best way to avoid that is simply by washing them as soon as you are done using it. It seems like a lot and it does take a while to acquire that habit, but it will make your home look a lot cleaner and a happier space to live in.

Add Some Cozy Touches

To make your home cozy and happy you should add things like fluffy rugs and pillows as well as some cozy blankets. Their textures will bring coziness and it will make you much happier to be there as you will be super cozy. But the only thing that you should keep in mind with cozy rugs is that they are quite hard to clean so you will have to hire professionals from time to time to clean it.

Keep Your Surfaces Clutter-Free

This one is just like your dishes, don’t let things pile on. Having too many things in one spot will make your home feel super cluttered and it will stress you out. You should be happy when you walk into your home not stressed about and suffocated with all the clutter. Keeping your surfaces clutter-free is one of the best habits you can make in life. Don’t even have that spot in your house where you just throw things on and tell yourself that you will put it back later because you won’t.

Fill Your Home with Fragrance

The smell is a scent that is related to your memory. You have to have a smell of something to remind you of someone. That is why you should fill your home with fragrances that make you remember all the happy times. Filling your home with pleasant smells that bring back memories is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to make it a happier place.

Always Choose Mood-Boosting Colors

Just like scents bring back memories, colors will instantly change your mood. It is truly one of the best ways to bring happiness into your home. Whatever feeling you want to feel, there is a color that will affect your mood in that way. If you want to make your home into a calming space try blue or green or choose yellow for an energizing feel. It doesn’t have to be your walls; it can be your decorations.

Add Some Natural Elements

Indoor plants are not only super beautiful, but they will also reduce toxins in the air, improve productivity, as well as help, bring up your mood. Plants make an excellent addition to any of your hooks, no matter what your style is they will match it.


The most important thing to keep in mind when you are in the process of making your home a happy place is to have fun with it. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with the whole process.


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