7 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for the Upcoming Fall

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Summer is approaching its end, so we will all probably start spending a lot more time indoors. The last dry and warm days are ideal for preparing your home for the cold, rainy days ahead. You will want to make your interior is cozy and warm so that you can enjoy socializing at home, binge-watching your favorite shows, and other fall activities. Here are some tips that will help you make your home comfortable and beautiful for the upcoming fall.

A Warm Coat of Paint

The end of summer is your best chance to paint the interiors and freshen up the entire space. Why not get inspired by the fall when choosing the paint color?

Warm neutrals such as beige or a sandy shade will make a great canvas for fall-inspired décor. Also, you can use this chance to implement some of the announced 2022 interior trends and paint your home soft green, dusty pink, tan, or gray.

Update Your Bedroom

Most people feel sluggish during the fall because we get less sun exposure. Furthermore, a change of seasons also causes a change in our natural sleep-wake cycle. That’s why it’s a really smart idea to update our bedrooms before the fall comes.

This, of course, means getting a new mattress of appropriate dimensions, firmness, and support. For some visual comfort, get rid of the clutter, hang some artwork, and design a small reading nook to boost your fall bedtime routine. Finish up with fluffy area rugs on each side of the bed so you have a warm place to land your feet when you wake up.

Cozy up the Living Room

The onset of fall means spending a lot more time in the living room, watching TV, hosting gatherings, or simply spending some quality time with your family. As it gets colder outside, you want to make the inside feel and appear warmer.

Start by throwing some new cushions on the sofa and the chairs. Also, you can keep a throw blanket within reach so you can cozy up when it becomes chilly. To finish up this comfy wonder, layer a couple of area rugs underneath the coffee table.

Choose New Fabrics

No one is expecting you to buy new furniture each time the seasons change, but you can cover up the old ones with season-appropriate fabrics and colors to greet the rainy weather. Opt for plush warm fabrics of earthy colors to really bring out the feel of the season. Do the same with drapery, furniture covers, and rugs.

Introduce the Fall Atmosphere

When you look past the rain and the wind, fall is an incredibly beautiful season. It has some amazing colors – yellows, oranges, browns, and greens. This is something that can easily be translated into your home.

For example, instead of a vase filled with pink roses, you can use pumpkin and dry leaves as your centerpiece. Fiery flowers and golden branches also make great table toppers.

Say It With Art

Fallen leaves make a fantastic start to an inspirational art project. This is something you can do as a family activity, which makes it even more interesting.

For example, you can make a collage of autumn leaves, frame it, and hang it on the wall. You can also make colored salt dough leaf impressions and use them for decoration. If you don’t have the time or will for crafts, you can get paintings with fall-themed scenery or landscape photographs. Either way, you can use them to create a focal point in your home and connect all the previous fall interventions into one coherent space.

Light It up

The interior instantly becomes warmer and cozier when you light up some candles. Candles can find their place in every room of the house, even in the bathroom. Imagine a warm bath right before bedtime, with beautiful candles twinkling all around you. 

To make it even more appropriate for the season, you can use fall-inspired scents, such as warm wood, fig, pomegranate, oak, cinnamon, sandalwood, patchouli, bourbon, pumpkin, juniper, apple, and ginger.


Leaving the house during the fall, especially after the warm summer we just had, can be cold and unpleasant. However, knowing that you will come back into a warm and cozy home definitely makes things easier. These tips should help you create a home you will always be happy to come back to.

About The Author: Holly Schaeffer is a long-time writer focusing on health, lifestyle, and home improvement. Originally from New Jersey, she moved to California to pursue a degree in creative writing. She now spends her days split between writing and raising her two young sons.
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

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