3 Housing Projects You Can Tackle in the Spring

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We’ve all got something about our homes that we’d like to improve or change. There are some projects that’ll naturally be out of the question for an average homeowner. Taking out a load-bearing wall, for example, is asking way too much. Something like painting a room, however? Much more reasonable.

With spring on the way, there are several similar household projects that will make a huge difference for your home. So, where do you start? How do you pick the projects that will do the most to benefit your home?

The best place to start is to simply do a walkthrough of your home, making a list of the things that you’d like to clean and improve. A lot of times, people will notice simple things like the need to declutter a walk-in closet, or touch-up paint in certain places, or even replacing old fixtures. These sorts of projects take very little time and can be done at your convenience.

In the spring, however, most of the damage and dirt is on the outside of the home. For that reason, many of the best projects you can start will work towards organizing your home’s exterior. Below are some simple examples of home projects to tackle in the spring.

Yard Debris and Brush Cleanup

Usually after a long winter, most areas of a yard contain accumulations of leaves, mulch, brush, broken tree branches, dead vegetation, worn down and messy plant and flower beds and other areas that require cleaning out and replenishment. There’s no time like spring to get rid of it all.

You can organize a yard debris project by simply having the right tools and materials on hand to do the job. A sturdy rake, hoe, shovel, power rake, trimmer, hand digging tool, wheelbarrow, large refuse bags, garbage containers and heavy duty garden or work gloves will help you accomplish the job without breaking your back. You’ll want to place your large garbage bags in the refuse containers ahead of time so you can easily transfer piles of debris directly from a wheelbarrow to the receptacles.

Make sure you have a service provider with your county or city that picks up bagged debris at certain times of the week or month. Also, if you have decorative fired pits or barbecue areas that use wood, and you’re able to burn in your area, bundle any smaller branches for future spring and summer use.

Heavy Duty Power Washing

After a long winter, power or pressure washing your driveway, walkways, patios, decks, outside walls and other areas is another project that can spruce up and clean up an area rather quickly. If you don’t have your own power washer, most tool supply companies have either gas or electric power washers available to rent. If the areas you want to power wash are large and overly dirty, you’ll want to set the pressure on a setting that will adequately clean areas that show a concentration of soiling or staining.

Before operating a power washer, follow all operating manual directions, or get explicit directions from the tool supply company. It’s important to know how to run the machine properly before starting any job to avoid machine malfunctioning and possible safety issues. When you get ready to use the pressure washer, use protective eye-wear and make certain that the washer is running, and the trigger is in a locked or off position. Adjust the pressure and the spray setting. There may be nozzle tips to use with the spray wand. Select the tip that works best for the area you are cleaning. Again, the operating manual should specify the right tip for particular projects. The washer is now ready for use.

Housing Projects You Can Tackle in the Spring

Curb Appeal

Once the cold and bleakness of winter passes and spring approaches, a mini curb appeal project is one that is both fun and easy. Creating a sense of spring to the exterior entrance of a home can enliven it. Think about painting your front door in a bold and striking color. Select paint chip sample cards from a home store or ask for actual samples to try out on your door before making a final decision. Add a wreath to that door. Choose one that is fresh and green with lavender or other spring blossoms.  Fresh and faux wreaths are available almost anywhere or make your own. If a wreath is not your thing, add potted plants on either side of your door to add greenery, texture and fullness to the area. The addition of a colorful and thick front door welcome mat would add even more texture and color to the entrance.

Enhancing your home’s entrance with a new front porch light or sconces can immediately update it and light the way for night visitors. Look for fixtures in home stores, catalogs, online or through specialty lighting stores. The styles and selections are endless.

There are innumerable projects that you can tackle to make your home more spring worthy. The three examples given here are just ideas to get you out and about once the winter doldrums fade and spring has sprung. Tackle any of these projects and more. The spring burgeoning in you will appreciate it.

About The Author: Dominic is a contributing writer on behalf of Smartbox Moving and Storage. Dominic covers a wide array of topics ranging from storage tips, to organization ideas, to office remodels and everything in between.
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