How to Fix a Squeaky Door in 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

In this ‪DIY‬ 60 second fix, Doug Cornwell shows us how to fix a squeaky door in 60 seconds.

Supplies You’ll Need:
– Hammer
– Nail
– Papertowls
– WD40

1. Remove the pin from the hinge.
– Hint: Take a nail and put it in the bottom of the hinge.  Use a hammer to hit the nail upward, which will release the pin.

2. Use a clean paper towel to wipe off any grease or debris on the pin.

3. Out it on a piece of paper towel and spray some lubricant on it (WD40).

4. Reinsert the pin back into the hinge and use the hammer to push it down into place.

5. Try the door to make sure it’s not squeaking anymore.
– Hint: If the door still squeaks, repeat the process for the other two hinges.

Now you have a squeak free door!

Check back for more 60 second fixes from Doug Cornwell!

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