How to Find a Stud in a Wall in 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

In this ‪DIY‬ 60 second fix, Doug Cornwell shows us how to find a stud in a wall in 60 seconds.

Supplies You’ll Need:
– Tape Measure
– Screwdriver
– Pencil

1. Find an outlet on the wall you are looking to use.
– Hint: Outlets are normally attached to the side of a stud.

2. Start tapping on the wall and you will hear a pitch change when you get on top of the stud.
– Hint: If you want to be certain, you can take the plate off the outlet and look inside to double check.

3. Follow that line up to the point on the wall that you want to use.

4. To find the next stud, break out a tape measure.
– Hint: In older homes, studs are 24″ apart and in more modern or recently renovated homes, they are 16″ apart.

Now you can lay out the wall if you need to hang multiple things.  Check back for more 60 second fixes from Doug!

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