The 6 Home Improvements That Matter When Selling Your Home

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Naturally, you’d want to make improvements and additions to your home when time and money permit. It could be to repair something that’s become broken, like a plumbing system. It could be something you’ve dreamt of for a long time, like an outdoor deck. Or, it could even be a safety feature, like a new roof or main door. 

But, when you’re planning to make a change to your home, it makes sense to do so smartly. After all, there’s no point sinking $100,000 into your home, only to realize when you’re selling it that it adds no lasting value. So, which are the best home improvements that’ll increase the resale value of your home? Read on, to find out.

1. Freshening the Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make everything look clean and new. It smoothens out the creases, and irons out the grey areas. Just like that layer of makeup, it wipes years off your home’s age. And there’s quite nothing like a recent paint job that smells of ‘new’. 

When you decide to paint your house, you must choose your colors wisely. For example, a color between grey and beige (greige) ups a home’s value by more than $1,500. Similarly, a blue front door can increase a home’s value by $1,500, while a blue kitchen can add $1,800 to your home’s selling price.

Of course, money matters here, and a professional paint job can cost a lot. So it’s a good idea to paint the interiors yourself, and leave the outside walls to the experts. Do remember to use neutral, pleasant colors. Garish, and rare colors might just turn people off, resulting in not many wanting to buy your home. 

2. Smoothening the Landscaping

A home’s curb appeal makes a first and lasting impression on any potential home buyer. Curb appeal refers to how attractive your home looks when viewed from a distance, or the curb. And a big part of that is the appearance of the lawn, as well as the landscaping that surrounds your home. What’s in the looks you might ask. Well, 7%. Curb appeal is said to add that much value to the sale price. In numbers, it means if a home is worth around $500,000, an external appearance with swag could add as much as $35,000! Not, a bad deal for something you could do yourself, with a little help from your kids. 

So, trim the lawn, remove any dead or rotten plant material. Line your driveway with bricks. And rake your everything that can be raked. Further, ensure the dead leaves disappear. The best thing to do? Plant a tree. 

3. Fixing the Flooring

 As far as home improvement plans go, never look down on your floor. Flooring, like the painting, makes everything look shiny and fresh. And that shine gives the impression of more space, making your home appear larger than it actually is. Hardwood floors are a particular favorite. 54% of buyers are willing to pay an extra $2080 for it. Part of the reason is that they are easier to clean. Plus, they also look cool and modern.

4. Upgrading the Bathroom

Ever been in one of those damp, dark bathrooms? It’s creepy! And no home buyer would ever look kindly upon a bathroom that reeks of a horror film set. But jokes apart, a modern bathroom makes a house feel up-to-date. So while fixing leaks and damp spots are a must, and an upgrade is also a good idea. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), a half bath can add 10% to a home’s value, while a full bath, 20%. These figures are from 2006, but you get the drift. 

A good idea is to upgrade the bathrooms even before you plan to sell. That way, you’ll recoup the value over time. Another top tip to recoup the full value of your home when you sell is to use a flat fee listing on MLS. This will ensure that the thousands of dollars that a real estate agent usually pockets will stay put in yours! 

5. Getting the Kitchen Up To Date

Kitchens play a disproportionately big role in the sale of a home. Moms tend to spend a lot of their time in this space, and no one can deny that the ladies’ opinions can make or break a deal. So while the ROI of doing up the kitchen may not be 100%, it plays a decisive part in whether a buyer wants your home or not. That’s why you need to decide between a kitchen remodeling and a kitchen renovation. A remodel can spruce a kitchen up, without costing a bomb. On the other hand, if you’re planning to stay awhile before selling, a renovation will pay off in the long run. Ensure that when you make changes, stainless steel, as well as energy star certified appliances, are on the top of your list.

6. Brightening Up the Lighting

Installing new lighting fixtures, like LED lighting is a no-brainer, and if the money permits, you shouldn’t wait for sale-time to go for an upgrade. Modern energy-efficient fixtures save you lots of dollars. They use 75% less electricity and have a life of 25 times longer. Of course, potential buyers know this, and having modern lighting is always a plus. Another good upgrade idea is to improve natural lighting.


When it comes to upgrading your home, it pays to choose wisely. It will deliver lasting value, especially when you’re selling your home. What home improvements are you planning?


About The Author : Written by Rafaella D Angello
Image by Jesse Bridgewater from Pixabay

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