4 benefits of installing a kitchen island

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Kitchen islands are a great way to add functionality and versatility to your dining area. Their sleek design and added storage potential make them a popular request in many homes. In fact, Christina Piekut, custom kitchen and bathroom interior designer at Alure Home Improvements, noted that 7 out of 10 customers will request a layout with an island when undergoing a kitchen remodel. She went on to explain all of the benefits of installing one in your new kitchen.

"A kitchen island creates a beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen."

1. Add contrast to your kitchen
Aside from additional functionality, updated aesthetics is a major reason why homeowners want a kitchen renovation. A kitchen island adds to the updated design and creates a beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen. What's more, it can work with any kitchen design idea that you can think of. 

"Kitchen islands can become a focal point for any style kitchen," said Piekut. "Modern islands feature clean lines and let the beauty of the kitchen cabinetry finish become the star. Traditional islands will use decorative elements such as corbels, decorative legs and moldings."  

She also added that featuring a different finish on your island can add a pop of color and texture to an otherwise simple kitchen, giving it some excitement without going overboard with frilly decorations.

"The main kitchen could be a painted finish while the island is a stained wood finish," she said. "This brings texture and contrast into [any] kitchen."  

2. Store more of your items
“‹A kitchen island can also be a great source of subtle storage, which is perfect for kitchens on the smaller side. It's a way of getting extra counter space and cabinetry without having to expand the size of the room. Piekut suggested using the additional storage space for larger items, like blenders, slow cookers and other items that need to be easily accessible for meal preparation.

Guests can gather around the kitchen island while meals are prepared.
Guests can gather around the kitchen island while meals are prepared.

3. Install a new gathering space
An island will do more for kitchen functionality than just extra storage space. It can take the place of a kitchen table and ultimately save you more space in your kitchen, since it doubles as a place for storage and cooking. The island can also become a new place for guests to gather over a drink or small appetizer when they want to be involved in the cooking action, and they can be designed to have two levels: counter height and bar height.

"This is a way to invite your friends to gather on the bar-height side while you cook on the counter-height side," suggested Piekut.  

4. Move your appliances
Maybe you want to move the stove or sink for better workflow when preparing meals, or maybe you just want to switch up the placement for a fresh new look. Whatever the reason, you're able to do so with a kitchen island. Piekut noted that it could also be a great location for appliances like a dishwasher, warming dryer or microwave.

"The new trend is to place your microwave inside a base cabinet and use a decorative hood over the stove," she said. 

By installing these key appliances into your island, your kitchen instantly becomes more functional and your cooking experience is made much more enjoyable.

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