Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Trends for 2020

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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Trends for 2020

The new years has arrived in all of its glory. This is a fantastic time to think about new possibilities and opportunities. A fabulous way to kick the year off right is to consider remodeling your kitchen. If your kitchen decor is tired looking and out of style or if the floor plan is not conducive to your family’s everyday routine, a great solution is to plan a home improvement project that involves your kitchen and/or dining room space to finally get the stunning kitchen of your wildest imaginations. For help in this endeavor, read on for some sensational kitchen remodeling ideas and trends new for 2020.

Impressive Kitchen Islands That Are Practical & Beautiful

Adding an impressive kitchen island that is both practical and beautiful is an outstanding way to upgrade an older styled kitchen space into a modern design that will be appreciated for decades. A kitchen island creates a beautiful centerpiece that can work with just about any kitchen design. Unlike traditional islands that use decorative elements such as corbels and moldings, today’s options feature clean lines, allowing the beauty of your kitchen cabinetry to shine through. For a pop of color and texture, consider putting a different finish on your island.

A carefully designed island can create more seating and storage space, and the added surface is ideal for extra cooking and food prep areas. A level kitchen island makes the room feel more spacious and airy, and this spot is ideal for another sink and/or underneath kitchen island appliance selections like a dishwasher, wine cooler or microwave.

What’s New This Year in Kitchen Cabinetry?

One of the most popular and simpler kitchen home improvement project is to add gorgeous new cabinets that give the room a completely different look and feel while also providing convenient storage spots that can be customized to suit each family’s needs and budget limitations. Some of the hot new trends in kitchen cabinetry this year include matte finishes, richer hues and elegant color combos and hardware features. Consider classic black cabinets outfitted with chic gold, copper or brass outer door hardware choices for a timeless beauty that will never grow tired or out of style.

Whichever type of kitchen cabinets you choose, pay attention to how they’re constructed.  After all, cabinets are the bones of the kitchen and should be able to handle the weight of all your pots, pans, cutlery, and more. Many homeowners like plywood cabinets, but well-constructed particle board cabinets offer sturdy, reliable storage at an affordable price.

Refreshing Kitchen Tile & Backsplash Ideas for Optimal Style & Charm

If your family budget is tight this year, there are some exciting new kitchen tile and backsplash ideas for creating optimal style and charm that will get favorably noticed without breaking the bank. Homeowners can choose a fabulous Spanish or Moroccan tile theme with bold patterns and vibrant color combinations, or they can opt for a more laid back look with warm rich backsplash material selections like golden marbled choices in a taller version.

A terrific way to freshen up traditional subway tiles is to add some original backsplash tile patterns at eye level that generates visual interest without costing a fortune. Consider selecting Scandinavian inspired kitchen design theme color tones like muted blues, grays or greens to brighten-up and add depth to an otherwise simplistic kitchen space design.

Remember, besides serving the critical function of protecting the space between the counter and the bottom of the cabinets, the backsplash also sets the tone for the kitchen’s style and pulls all your other design selections together. So, if you want a distinctive kitchen refresh, don’t hesitate to do something special with your backsplash. 

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Trends for 2019

New Kitchen Appliance Trends to Love in 2020

This year, there are some phenomenal changes in stylish new kitchen appliance trends for 2020 that every homeowner should pay close attention to. It would appear that stainless steel appliances are finally losing favor. Top interior kitchen designers are embracing tall and sleek refrigerators, recessed appliance placement and hidden smaller kitchen appliances. Hide microwaves, toaster ovens and dishwasher models underneath counters or islands for a neat appearance that doesn’t give up the room’s practical arrangement. Look for fun appliance color and pattern options such as super rich blues, exotic design patterns and moodier hunter green shades.

Say Goodbye to All White Kitchen Designs with Simplistic Upgrade Options

Most interior designers are staying away from all white kitchen designs that have been all the rage for over a decade now. If you still gravitate towards clean lines and minimalist decor themes, there are some terrific simplistic kitchen decor options that should suit every contemporary minded homeowner out there. Keep the simple style and brighter look by adding some visual interest and room depth using colors, textures and materials that embrace the newer kitchen designs.

Add a lighter wooden table and chairs, install gorgeous hardwood flooring or switch out older and harder-to-clean granite counter surfaces with easy-to-maintain quartz selections with warmer and more ambient tones. Hide away kitchen clutter and utensils behind sleek glass doors and shelves. Consider taller cabinets, and opt for simple nature-inspired kitchen bar stool and chair styles crafted from authentic bamboo, rattan or add refreshing color pops on seat cushions. There are more ways to keep the minimalist design without making your kitchen look dated that every homeowner should seriously research.

Brand New Kitchen Lighting Effects & Designs for 2020

Never underestimate the power of installing the right lighting selections to upgrade your kitchen and dining room spaces. There are some spectacular brand new kitchen lighting effects and fixture designs for 2019 and beyond that homeowners can utilize to warm up their austere kitchens and add a funky vibe that resonates with your personal styles.

Consider adding a unique lighting fixture that has an interesting shape and design without looking overdone or too gaudy. Lighten up a darker toned kitchen with layered lighting selections, and make good use of any natural light from windows or skylights. Under counter and floor level lights are incredibly fashionable this season. Vintage light fixtures are another timeless decor choice. Under-counter and floor-level lights are incredibly fashionable this season. These types of accent lighting can eliminate shadows, making your kitchen look roomier and more inviting. Accent lighting can also lend your kitchen a warmth that sets it apart from a standard utilitarian space. For instance, you can put accent lighting into glass cabinets to showcase a glass collection, or above cabinets and under an island overhang to create an ethereal glow.

Homeowners can liven up their dated kitchens by adding some carefully planned fresh new decor selections. It is possible to upgrade kitchens without overspending. Give your kitchen a new look with mindful design choices.



About The Author: Emily Khan is a professional blogger who focuses on home improvement. She is currently renovating a 1980s hillside home and doing as much of the work herself.

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