Popular Varieties of Kitchen Sinks Available for Common Households

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Nowadays, kitchen sinks can be made of different materials and available in various designs and dimensions. Thus, a house owner gets a wide array of choices when he shops for buying a suitable sink to install in his kitchen. The budget and the choice of the buyer are also important factors for making the final choice in this regard. Selecting a kitchen is an especially important aspect when refurbishing or building a new kitchen because it enhances the look of the kitchen as well as is a functional element.  

Undermount Sink

This sink is so named because it is fixed below the kitchen counter with some specially designed clips or glue. It merges seamlessly with the countertop and matches well with all types of kitchen decor. It is most popular among all kitchen sinks due to the easy maintenance and neat look, as there is no rim in this sink. However, only lightweight material can be used for this sink, as heavier sinks cannot be installed in this process.

Top-Mount Sink

It is the easiest form of sink that can be placed over the kitchen counter and thus, its installation is quite simple. It is also called drop-in sink where a hole is cut out on the countertop and the sink is just dropped into that hole and fixed there. As the edge of this sink has a rim that bears its weight, it is also called a self-rimming sink. The rim can be easily sealed with the counter with the use of silicone. It is also preferred due to the cheapest cost compared to all other kitchen sinks.

Farmhouse Sink

It is also called the apron sink, which is large enough to extend beyond the kitchen countertop. It may be made of fireclay or cast iron, rendering a rustic look to the kitchen that is the reason for its name. Though the price and installation cost of this sink is higher than others, it is durable and much easier to clean regularly. Moreover, its spacious size makes it a good choice for large families where lots of utensils need to be washed at a time.

Bar Sink

It is a small-sized sink that is shallower from kitchen sinks usually installed. It has a single bowl and preferred for prep work, like making drinks and cleaning glasses in a bar. Thus, it is also called prep sink, preferably with a circular or square shape. It can be also installed on granite, steel, or wooden kitchen islands or a secondary sink at the other end of the kitchen counter. 

Corner Sink

This sink contains double bowls facing each other at right angles and thus, it can be installed only at a corner of the kitchen counter. However, its installation is quite tricky due to its unique design, as the corner of the countertop needs to be cut and seamed properly with the sink. It provides more space for cleaning and drying dishes but not so popular due to its expensive price and difficult installation.

Stainless Steel Sink

This sink can be installed easily due to its lightweight, as it is made of steel sheets. Kitchen sinks made of thinner sheets are costlier than the heavy ones made of thicker steel sheets. A stainless steel sink is resistant to heat and stains, making it a perfect choice for most kitchens.

Granite Kitchen Sink

As the granite composite sink is made of crushed granite sealed with a resin filler, it is much heavier than steel sinks. However, this sink is preferred for its resistance to all stains and high durability.


Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen, or just replace your kitchen sink, there are many other varieties of kitchen sinks, which may be made of cast iron or fireclay and provided with a drainboard for convenience of users. 

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