8 Summer Home Improvement Projects to Do This Year

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Summertime is an ideal time to proceed with your home improvement projects. With no weather-associated interruptions in the way, you can conveniently execute all your projects in peace and at time.

Here are a few home improvement projects, inclusive of both brand new additions and repairs, to help your upgrade the feel and looks of your home:

Create a Gallery Wall

Perhaps, the changes should begin from within the house. So, to get yourself started, and fueled for a full-scale home improvement spree, begin by creating a gallery wall. Choose a wall in your house that’s both spacious and unoccupied currently. It could be a wall in your corridor, the wall above your sofa, or perhaps a wall in your lounge that you feel is disturbingly empty.

Once you’ve chosen which wall it’s going to be, determine whether you’re going to hang artwork or family photos. Whichever it is, get these framed and plan the outlay. Measure and mark the distance in each on the wall and hang up the frames.

Change Your Entry Door

The front door represents you and your house and significantly impacts the entire feel. If the gate is cracked and weathered, it will give off an unappealing vibe to your house. Plus, opening and closing it would be a struggle in itself too.

So, the next important home improvement project that you ought to do is change the entry door if need be. Experts recommend an entry door made up of steel or fiberglass as both these options are utterly durable. However, with steel, you may have to compromise on the looks a bit. So, fiberglass works best. Often, these are available in stylish accents and with intriguing glass patterns.

Consider New Countertops

Installing new countertops can also bring about a renewed feel to your home. You can either hire professionals to change the countertops and help them out. Or you can go for a complete DIY approach. For that, we’d recommend you prefab plastic countertops. These are both durable and easier to install.

Build a Log Cabin in Your Garden

Here’s to adding some fancy touches to your house. If you’ve got a garden or an outdoor space, you might as well consider building yourself a log cabin in the garden. These do not only add an exciting element to your garden but provide additional space to accommodate friends and family. Plus, log cabins, unlike summerhouses, are capable of withstanding all types of weather. So, you know, plan B.

However, if it’s too hot and if the project seems too complicated for you, then you can ease it all out for you and get one from Quick Garden. These are available in different sizes. But we particularly love the fact that these are reasonable and eco-friendly.

Renovate the Kitchen

Your kitchen undergoes the most intensive usage throughout the year. With you, friends, family, and even guests using stuff now and then, it’s likely for the kitchen itself and your belongings in there to wear down. So, when working on your home’s looks and efficiency, do not forget to upgrade the appliances if need be. Install better lighting. Be it overhead or under-cabinet lights depends on your choice. You can also renew the looks of cabinets and drawers.

Maintain Windows

Another important aspect to look into is the maintenance of your windows and air conditioning unit. Make the best use of summer heat and clean your windows thoroughly from inside and outside. Use a specific window cleaning agent or multipurpose cleaning spray with paper towels for drying it up. Additionally, it’s better to install window shades to protect the windows from the harmful effects of UV rays and extend their life.

…And Air Conditioning Unit

Similarly, since the air conditioning unit will be running more than usual during summers, do yourself a favor and get your air conditioning unit checked by an HVAC expert beforehand. You can have the filters replaced once in two months.

Install a Thermostat

Moreover, we’d recommend improving your home efficiency this summer by investing in a thermostat. Programmable thermostats track the use of energy and help minimize the costs. It won’t take you much time and effort to get this done, but the overall impact would be worth it!

Final Thoughts

Lastly, do not forget to regularly clean and maintain your new upgrades. By the time you’re done renovating your house, you may feel like this is it, and you’ve finally achieved everything on your wish list for the house. You probably have, but to ensure that the wish list maintains its completion status at all times, you’ve got to pay attention to the due maintenance. Else, you might as well spend your next summer renovating the house yet again!

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