Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen for the Holidays

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It is that time of the years again. We are in the holiday season! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are just some of the good days that require you to create the best memories. And it all starts in the kitchen.

The aura of your kitchen needs to be festive. Sprucing up your kitchen for holiday can be a daunting task. More so if you are want to enjoy the holidays to the fullest while at the same time prepare meals for your guests.

But, you don’t have to despair and celebrate the holidays in a dull and boring kitchen. We are going to explore some of the easiest ideas for decorating your kitchen for the holidays. Here are some of the ideas:

1. Polish the kitchen floor

Although this one sounds basic, decorating the kitchen for holidays starts with such basic ideas. You simply need to take your time to clean or even polish the flood using the most appropriate tools.

Removing those tough stains on your kitchen floor will transform the look of your kitchen by a great margin. Usually, most of us are used to vacuuming the floor hastily and assuming that the floor is clean. This time ensure that you access every corner of the kitchen floor and do some serious work on it. 

2. Apply fresh paint

Although you might have painted the kitchen when you first renovated, you can still paint it just before the festive season. A coat of fresh paint will inject a new mood and ambiance into the kitchen.

You can choose the paint whose color will enhance the holiday mood in the kitchen. You can still use different colors to decorate the kitchen. Adding creative pieces of art on the wall will do more justice to your kitchen during the festive season.

3. New furniture accessories

You don’t have to buy new kitchen furniture during the upcoming holiday season. You can still use your current furniture to transform the outlook of the kitchen. The only thing that you will need do is to buy new accessories.

Although furniture accessories such as furniture handles play their functional roles, they can also be used for aesthetic goals. They do not only elevate the look of the furniture but also the kitchen in general. Your only task is to choose the appropriate kitchen handles that will enhance the holiday mood.

4. Holiday-themed kitchen towels

During the festive season, you should hide those boring kitchen towels and replace them with decorative holiday-themed kitchen towels.

The towels can do an excellent job of accentuating the festive mood in the kitchen. Hang them at a strategic point where they will be easily visible.

5. Set up a festive coffee and cocoa bar

Your kitchen can be an ideal place where guests should come and quench their thirst for beverages. You can achieve this by setting up a small bar for coffee, tea and cocoa.

The good thing about this bar is you can set it up with minimal resources and it takes very little time. All you need are coffee mugs, transparent jars, stir sticks and small trays. You can spruce up the bar by adding ornamental bowls and shelves.

6. Dress up the kitchen for the holidays

This idea entails doing the actual decoration in the kitchen so that it suits the upcoming festive season. If you think that you are running out of time, this is the simplest kitchen decoration idea that you can implement.

One way of implementing this kitchen decoration ideal is by using wreaths and Christmas lights. Just position them at different points in the kitchen to achieve the desired outlook. You can hang the wreath on the wall, windows and even at the back of chairs.

Alternatively, you can hang ornamental wire across the kitchen window. Of course, the wire should reflect the theme of the holiday that you are celebrating.

7. Using flower vase

If the space in the kitchen is not big enough for the Christmas tree, you can use a flower vase to achieve the same goal. Buy a sizable flower that will suit the holiday season then put it in a flower vase.

The good thing about flower vases is you can choose different sizes and even shapes. Find a strategic point in your kitchen where you will put your vase and get creative.

8. String lights in the kitchen

To crown it all, why don’t you install holiday-themed string lights across the kitchen? These lighting fixtures are good at dictating the mood and ambiance in a room. They are also easy to install hence they can be a last-minute solution.


There you have it! As you can see, most of these ideas are not complicated. You can even implement them in the last minutes before the holidays. Try them out and you will fall in love with your kitchen.

About The Author: Cleophas Mulongo is a content creator who has passion in interior design. He has written hundreds of articles about home improvement and home organization, offering tips for everything from that entails interior design. He shows that anything is possible with a bit of creativity, a carefully devised plan and great tools.
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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