8 Mistakes to Avoid In Children’s Room Décor

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People tend to get excited and overjoyed when it comes to decorating the room of the young members of the family. As a reference, the social media platforms serve as a source to the parents, which might not be practical at times. However, with meticulous planning in setting up the children’s room décor, different plans have been foiled once the baby gets in with a mind of its own.

Over decorating in one area

Parents are always excited while decorating the room for the child in the best way possible. However, this at times enables the parents to over decorate the room or a particular area. This can lead to the area being cramped or small. Incorporating big furniture in a nursery or the child’s room decreases the space in the room, limiting the child’s movement in the room. Big furniture initially might look gorgeous, but most of the time is a bad option to invest in a child’s room. The children don’t remain the same age, and they grow up with time, which changes some of their preferences, affecting the interior. So, it is always advised to start with small installations rather than big, extravagant installations in the room.

Choosing the Color Scheme

The color of the room sets the mood of the space due to various scientific reasons behind the various colors. While the fewer amount of colors or shades can make the room look bland, too much presence of color or a variety of colors can also make the room less cohesive. The best way to decide the color scheme is to keep a balance between color and blank spaces. This enables a much more cohesive children’s room décor.

Themed Installations and Design

Themed design or installation has a risk of being short-lived. This is because there might be a shift in the preferences of the child with age. The extravagant themed decorations might not be the preferred choice of the child when it grows up. Instead of picking something that toddlers only like, parents can go for themed decorations or characters preferred by both the toddlers and older children.

The Choice of Rug

Designing a room means incorporating everything in the right way, which elevates the design of the room. However, choosing an oversized rug or a rug that is too small for the room can bring down the overall aesthetic of the room. A suitable rug for a room has covered most of the flooring, tucked underneath furniture, and enhances the children’s room decor. On the other hand, anything smaller than this makes the room have an awkward unfinished look.

Investing in light-colored fabrics in the room

The décor of the room is heavily dependent on the fabrics that are incorporated in the room. However, selecting the fabric in a nursery or a child’s room can get a little tricky. The inclusion of light-colored fabrics in the room and the parents investing in them makes them get dirty faster. There is always a chance of staining or foiling the light-colored fabrics with children, while the same can happen while taking care of them. Thus, investing in light fabrics should be avoided in the case of children’s room décor.

Unbalanced furnishing of the room

The furniture placement and the other décor placements enable a sense of balance in the entire room’s design. To carry out the visual balance, the elements in the room should be placed in a correlation of them with each other, rather than cramming them in one particular place. The selection of the size, design, and texture of the elements and furniture of the room ensures the entire balance of the space in the room and the visual image of it.

Underusing the Change Table

The changing table is one of the must have key elements in a nursery. Still, it is underused in decorating the room, with the inclusion of a designer changing mat, some storage boxes in synchronization with the table’s color scheme. Parents can decorate the places above with murals or a shelf above them.

Not heeding attention to storage.

The key element to designing children’s room décor is the management of space and storage. Toddlers and kids need a lot of stuff to grow up with or around. While being successful in providing them, creating space and proper storage is more important than sourcing them.


Designing the room for the toddler or the child may be tough, but the results might not be the references. However, the study above will provide some insight into steps parents can incorporate to stop making these mistakes. The children’s room décor enables various elements to be developed physically as well as psychologically. The surrounding colors, along with the elements, incorporate the movement and the visual aid for the child while growing up.

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