How To Decorate A Child’s Bedroom

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Arranging your child’s bedroom in a new home or decorating it during a home remodel can be a challenge. Kids grow fast, and their needs change constantly. One minute you are choosing the bedding for the nursery, and the next thing you know your kid is too cool for that childish stuff and wants a Harry Potter-themed room. Unless you are ready to do a full make-over of their room every two years, you need to be smart and set a base that can easily be adapted to any style they want. Here’s the best way to decorate your child’s bedroom.

Chose furniture that can grow with your child

Furniture for children can be rather expensive, so we will focus on more affordable solutions and we will try to show you how to be practical when decorating your child’s bedroom. You might want to hire a professional to help you choose or opt for a DIY method for this design.

Decorating a sleeping area

Bunk beds are great even when your child is not sharing a room with their sibling. The little ones love sleepovers and bunk beds are just perfect for accommodating their friends or even relatives during a holiday season. The best thing about this type of bed is that it occupies just as much space as a regular model. One more reason every kid loves a bunk bed is that they are perfect for making dens.

If you do not need an additional bed, but you still like the idea of a bunk bed, you can get one that has a storage or a desk underneath.

Speaking of beds, the choice of bed linen can be great for decorating a themed child’s room. A car shaped bed will make your little boy excited for some time, but he will quickly outgrow it and you will have to buy a new bed in less than a few years from your first purchase. But, if you choose a simple bed model with neutral colors, changing bed linens every few years will be enough to completely change the look of it.

Storage can be an issue when you decorate your child’s bedroom

Kids need room for storing their clothes and their toys. The number and size of the items grow just like your kids do.

Wardrobe for your child

You need to be practical when buying a wardrobe for your child. Flexible hanging and shelving solutions are exactly what you need. Babies and toddlers need more shelves and shorter hanging space, but in a few years, they will need a full length hanging space for their clothes.

Closets and wardrobes with cartoon characters or other popular motives can be ridiculously expensive. Plus, your child might outgrow them when they start school or change their interests. The simpler the design, the more flexible it proves to be. It is easier to change the knobs or get some new stickers for wardrobe’s doors than it is to change them or get an entirely new piece of furniture.

Storing toys

When it comes to storing your kid’s toys, one thing is for sure – you can never have too much storage for the toys! You will need various solutions for different types of your child’s items. For instance:

  • Open shelves – they are great for storing books and decorative items. Everything you put on them is easily accessible and such shelves can last for decades.
  • Plastic bins – if they have lids, they can even be stacked to save space. See-through models are just perfect for keeping legos and other sets. Labeling these boxes is a good idea for when your child accumulates more than a few of them. Bins are also practical for relocation – pack your child’s toys inside them, and put a sign saying FRAGILE if you need the guys from to be extra careful when carrying and transporting them.
  • Boxes can be just as practical as bins. Use them to store puzzles, paintings, and crafting supplies.
  • Bags are good for soft toys. Toddlers like to cuddle and sleep with their toys. It is important that they are clean so you should choose bags that are washable too.

How to get rid of clutter?

When your children don’t have a designated space for their stuff, it is likely that they will create a mess everywhere. Before you start redecorating, you should find a storage unit for decluttering with ease to leave the items you might need one day. Of course, everything that is broken or worn belongs neither in your home nor your storage.

Work and play area decoration

Your child will need a desk for their pre-school and school activities. Again, the model should be practical and fit your child’s needs for many years. Invest in a good quality model and let your child choose the décor for it.

Most kids like to draw and do crafts and if you do not want your home cluttered with the results, you will have to get a crafting table and appoint some display space for their art. Hanging some of them on the walls of their room can be a nice way to decorate it.

What about walls?

There are two ways to go with the walls when you decorate your child’s bedroom. You can either leave them as a plain canvas for your kid to put stickers, hang posters, drawings, and wall art, or you can opt for bolder colors and finishes. If your kid likes to draw, you can even paint a wall (or just a part of it) using the paint that creates a chalkboard finish.

Painting the walls in your home is one of the affordable home improvements. You can literally find thousands of colors you can use to decorate your child’s bedroom. There are even some that glow in the dark, which is great for kids who fear the darkness. Use the paint to draw a moon and some stars and your kid will be thrilled to switch the lights off at night.

As you can see, you have so many options for decorating your child’s bedroom. The best advice we can give you is to always choose quality furniture pieces and then play with the smaller decorative items to make your child’s wishes come true. Let us know which piece of advice you found most useful!


About The Author: Diane Rose is a stay-at-home mom who likes traveling, reading, and writing about stuff that she goes through in her life. She likes camping and she spends almost every weekend hiking and camping with her husband and their four-year-old son. Diane has a dog that often joins them on adventures. 
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