Less Is More – 8 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

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We spend one-third of our day sleeping. This is, on average, 25 years of sleeping in 75 years of life. Unfortunately, this is also the part of our life we sacrifice most often so that we can accomplish all the other tasks and plans we have.

The time spent sleeping needs to be of the best possible quality so that we wake up recharged for all the challenges ahead. For that, you will need a sleep-inducing environment. And how will you create one?

Well, for a start, avoid clutter. Clutter has a negative psychological effect and it triggers stress, which prevents you from getting the much-needed shuteye. Go for minimalism instead – we’ve already rounded up some minimalist bedroom ideas you might like.

Establish a neutral base

Before you start designing your new bedroom, you need to set the tone for all of your projects. Start with the walls. If you want a calming and minimalist bedroom, you will never choose a bright warm color, such as yellow or orange. Instead, go for cool, muted neutral tones like gray, ivory, and white. The seemingly monotonous look can be updated with an inconspicuous patterned wallpaper or a centerpiece artwork.

Pick a style, (not) any style

The easiest way to create a coherent look is to decide on a specific interior design aesthetic. Some of the best options when you’re aiming for minimalism are the Scandinavian, industrial, and modern styles. Check out their features and see which one works the best for you.

Keep only the essentials

What do you need, but absolutely need, in the bedroom?

That would be the bed, the dresser, and the nightstand. And if you have plenty of space, you might want a sitting area as well. Of course, if you create a sitting zone, you’ll need to avoid covering the chair or the bench with clothes and other clutter. Remember, clutter has a bad influence on your mind and triggers stress, which will make falling asleep much more difficult.

Use different textures

As you get rid of most of the decorative pieces, you may end up creating a dull space. However, there is a way of achieving a more exciting look without cluttering. It’s called texturizing.

For example, you can enhance the appearance of your room by adding a shaggy rug. Various types of bed sheets can be used to create a visual impact and improve comfort.  Silk and satin would go well opposite to hardwood and sheepskin rugs. Metallic accents in the form of bedside lamps, photo frames, and ceiling fixtures will also make a strong statement without overcrowding the room.

Layer the lighting

Lighting is a very important element of every room, and the bedroom is no different. We’ve already mentioned that lighting fixtures can make a cool design element, but they should also serve the purpose they are made for. If you don’t have a nightstand or don’t have room for a table lamp, you can install wall lamps above the bed for bedtime reading. The ceiling fixture is your chance to splurge. Install a large chandelier to draw the eyes up.

Mix the cool and warm tones

In a minimalist bedroom, you don’t have plenty of space to decorate. However, by using simple design tricks, you can create tension between the warm and the cool tones. This can be accomplished by juxtapositioning tan and camel hues with cold blues and grays. Even one piece of furniture of an opposite tone can create that impact.

Go light

Speaking of colors and tones, light shades are always a better choice than dark and saturated ones. They are also the ones creating an illusion of spaciousness regardless of the square footage. This goes for everything from the walls to accent pillows. We recommend light wood tones, such as pine, birch, and oak, but you can complement them with warmer undertones.

Think of the details

Finally, it’s vital that you pay attention to the details. In a minimalist environment, you have to use the accessories sparingly, so you need to choose well with what style you want. Too many wall pieces could overshadow everything you wanted to achieve, so pick one large artwork to place on the accent wall. The tones should be similar to the rest of the room, but still impactful enough to draw attention.

Furthermore, you can use accent pillows for adding color or pattern. Plantlife near the window and fresh flowers on the nightstand will create a more soothing environment while adding liveliness to the whole story.

Final word

A minimalist bedroom has its many advantages – and crafting a perfect sleep-inducing environment is one of them. That doesn’t have to mean you can’t have fun while designing it. Follow our tips, and you will know how to do it.

About The Author: Holly Schaeffer is a long-time writer focusing on health, lifestyle, and home improvement. Originally from New Jersey, she moved to California to pursue a degree in creative writing. She now spends her days split between writing and raising her two young sons.


Photo by SHOP SLO® on Unsplash

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