10 Incredible Ways to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

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Did you move into a home that is smaller than you thought? Let’s face it. In a small space, everything matters. You should not worry so much about the small space because you can make it look bigger by using several different methods.

Small rooms are quite uncomfortable and confining. However, there are certain designs and concepts you can use to fool the eye and make your room much bigger than it actually is. In this article, we are going to discuss important aspects as furniture arrangement, lighting and color.

These ten ideas will definitely inspire you to make your small space bigger. The best part about all these points is they are easy to implement. Let’s get started!

1.      Use light colors

According to assignment help, the color of a room will definitely affect your mood. You are probably wondering how color will make your room look bigger. In general, light colors make a room look brighter and bigger. Bright walls are usually reflective hence making the space open and ventilated.

The effect is also maximized by natural light unlike dark colors which tend to absorb all the light and reduce the size of a room. The best colors to go for include soft tones of blue, green and white.

2.      Lighting opens up space

Opening the curtains and allowing natural light inside the room makes the room look larger. If your room does not have a lot of natural light, you can always add creative effects using fixtures. Such a small addition can make a huge difference with regard to the looks of your room.

You should also consider the size of the windows. Large windows will let in more natural light thus connecting the room with the outdoors. Using sheer coverings will also help in allowing more light in. If the view isn’t that great, you can always use lamps to lighten your space.

3.      Declutter your room

You should always keep your room organized and neat. There’s nothing that reduces room space like having too much stuff put in a disorganized way. When you arrange your things properly, your space will feel open and orderly. A cluttered room will always look smaller than it is.

Avoid covering your walls with so many small pictures. One large picture will work perfectly. Having a lot of things around will make the room feel crowded and busy. When decorating your room, you should create a focal point. The focal point is a specific area that will draw the attention of your eyes. In the dining area, it can be the table. In the bedroom, it could be the bed.

The floor should be as clear as possible. Remove all the rugs to create a sense of spaciousness.

4.      Space your mirrors well

Mirrors can make your room bigger. Having a focal point and angling your mirrors toward this point will make your room look deep. Mirrors will work during the day and at night by using both natural and artificial light.

You should place a mirror near your windows to reflect the outdoors. Mirrors on glass tabletops and walls will radiate openness in your room.

5.      Furniture arrangement

In most cases, furniture takes up a lot of space. Multi-functional furniture works like magic. You should consider placing the large pieces of furniture against the walls to increase space. Your furniture should fit the size of your room. Also, remember to open up all pathways. When furniture blocks the view of a room, it will look smaller.

Also, you should have furniture that looks similar to your walls. Blending your furniture with your walls will create a feeling of an expanded room.

6.      Use shelves to store books

Shelving works like magic for a small room. Hanging shelves higher near the ceiling will make the room look taller than it actually is. Floor to ceiling space maximizes the storage space of your room. There are tons of shelves on the market that can work wonders on your room. If you don’t have an idea of which shelve to use, you can always consult a professional interior designer.

7.      Go for furniture with raised legs

Raising up your bed or chairs will allow more light to get underneath. When light gets underneath, it highlights these spaces. By the way, who invests in chairs without legs?

8.      Leave some space on the side of your bed

It sounds quite the opposite however, putting your bed so close to the wall will make your room look smaller and cramped. You should always leave some space on either side of your bed. By doing this, you’ll allow more light to infiltrate and gives extra space for a bedside table. Your partner will definitely be impressed by your simple and unique design.

9.      Invest in blinds

You should go for blinds if you don’t have them. Blinds take up less space and let in more light. Additionally, no outsider can peep in to see what you are doing.

10. Arrange your things by size and color

This can probably save you some space because it gives the illusion of less clutter. And you know what? Illusions are great especially in small rooms.


The tips discussed above will definitely have positive effect on your room. Which tip are you going to try out today? 


About The Author: Scott Matthews is a professional freelance writer and proofreader for best essay writer and Edubirdie. He regularly contributes his ideas on interior design on Zipjob and his blog. During his free time, you’ll find him helping college students on Aussiessay or camping in the mountains.
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