9 Essential Tips to Make Your Guest Room Comfortable and Feel Like Home

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Do you love having your friends over for a night out? Do you have a guest room that you’ve always ignored? Are you out of ideas to bring life to your guest room?

If yes, try spending a night in your guest room. A problem that was abstract a few minutes ago may become tangible because you can see what’s missing in your guest room. Regardless of how many days a guest may spend with you, they must feel comfortable and homely. 

To ensure your visitors have an enjoyable and memorable experience, focus on creating a space that is soothing, welcoming, and a second home to your guests. When you provide an inviting and relaxing space to your visitors, you showcase your hospitality and nurture your relationship with them. 

Whether your friends arrive impromptu or with prior intimation, you need to provide a comfortable place to retire in. 

If you’re looking to turn your dull guest room into a warm and inviting place, you have come to the right place. To make your complicated life easier, we have listed a few makeover hacks for your guest room. 

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Let’s dive in!

Here are nine essential tips to make your guest room feel comfortable:

1. Use interior design software

Whether you want to add a new bathroom, give your guest room a complete makeover or redesign a room while personalizing it and adapting it to the needs of your guests, communicating your ideas to the construction worker is necessary. Without the right communication, it becomes difficult to turn dreams into reality. There is no point in having a visual of your expected room in your mind. You need to bring it down to paper. 

That’s where you need home design software

Such software helps you optimally utilize every inch of your space, provides visualization of your ideas, plans your space, and converts your design into floor plans, giving the construction worker an idea of how you want to redesign your room. 

Design software can also create a 360-degrees tour of your unbuilt space to ensure everything goes as expected. As these software packages have regulatory guidelines incorporated, your redesign is compliant with the building construction and renovation laws. Also, it lets you try out different colors, textures, and patterns for your guest room so that you don’t have to repaint your room. 

Using such a 3D design software may sound like one of the hardest things to do, but it’s surprisingly easy. With design software, your dream guest room is as easy as point and click. 

2. Focus on the bedding

Nothing says ‘relax’ better than a bed topped with soft linen and a pile of extra comfortable cushions. It’s always a thoughtful idea to provide two cushions per person to provide superior comfort. Furthermore, when decorating your guest room, use your hands as much as your eyes. 

While aesthetics of the room is essential, the color and pattern of textile you choose could add creativity and make your room look lively. Whether it’s linen, blanket, or pillows, always give your visitors more than what they may require. 

With humans spending one-third of their sleeping, a comfortable and cozy bed is the perfect way to show hospitality to your visitors. 

3. Provide a place to organize belongings

When someone’s stays at your home, it’s not like checking into a luxury hotel. But there are a few touches you can make to elevate your visitor’s experience. Depending on the length of the stay, your guest is likely to bring an extra pair of clothes, shoes, and other daily use accessories. They may also bring some toiletries and cosmetics. 

Make sure your guest room has plenty of different ways to organize your guest’s belongings. You can do it by providing:

  • a luggage or shoe rack
  • a vanity organizer for cosmetics
  • a sufficient number of hangers for clothes
  • hooks on the wall or door to hang clothes
  • a small closet

According to research, we humans spend one year or 8,700 hours looking for lost or misplaced items. To prevent your visitors from digging in their suitcase every time they want something, provide them a place to organize their belongings. 

4. Provide a place to relax

Some people hate sitting on a bed, and you should not force your guests to sit on it. So, if the space permits, provide a place to sit and relax. You can do it by adding a chair to the corner. 

Team it up with a soft throw pillow and footrest to lend an opulent look to your guest room. You can place a side chair or an upholstered armchair with a table to provide another spot to relax beside the bed. 

5. Keep a bedside table

Your guest room is incomplete without a bedside table. It’s as important as the bed because it offers your visitors extra space to keep their book, glass, phone, cables, and spectacles. An all-purpose aesthetics bedside table is a must for imparting a modern look without playing with the comfort level.

A small table next to your bed is both a functional and aesthetic booster. 

Bedside tables are perfect for placing a night lamp when reading a book just before bedtime. It works like an anchor to the bed for your visitors and provides extra storage space for your visitor. 

6. Install convenient power outlets

Today, almost everyone uses a cellphone and other electronic devices, which they may need to charge overnight. Your visitors may feel frustrated if they have to crawl or bend down to access a power outlet. When upgrading your room, remove all power outlets hidden behind desks and nightstands. Instead, install them on the nightstand, in the bathroom, and on the desk. 

The last thing you will want is a tired visitor searching for power outlets only to find that there is no convenient spot. If possible, provide at least 2-3 power outlets as your guests may have more than one electronic device that requires charging. 

7. Place a refreshment station

A refreshment station would be a pleasant surprise for your visitors as they expect such services in a hotel room. You can place an electric jug with two coffee mugs, teaspoons, tea bags, sugar packets, and coffee sachets. If children are accompanying your guests, try creating a snack station for the starving kids. 

In the snack station, keep a mix of healthy and fast food to offer variety to the budding taste buds. Some snack items that will help you build a connection with the kids include pretzels, cereals, fruit snacks, dried fruits, bars, trail mix, chocolates, and crackers. 

Place the refreshment or snack station on your console table or low dressing table. It’s a great way to make your guests feel at home. 

8. Focus on symmetry

Symmetry creates excellent balance and gives a feeling of calmness when designing a room. It also creates a feeling of enhanced space in a small room. For your guest room, match the bedside table and lamps with the headboard of your bed. You can then fill the space with cushions. This will reduce the visual clutter and keep your room streamlined.

9. Choose a theme

The best way to decorate a room and make it aesthetically appealing is by choosing a décor theme and sticking to it. If you choose a white and black theme, try to keep the towels and blankets in the same color palette. Also, try matching the bedsheet and pillow covers with the theme. 

Pick a theme you’re passionate about and surround it with things that will uplift your and your guest’s spirit every time they enter the room. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect theme for your guest bedroom.

  • Pick a theme for which you can locally shop
  • Choose based on the theme of your other rooms and surrounding area
  • Ensure the theme fits the space
  • Plan things and don’t overspend to accommodate everything you planned

Guest room makeover: Going extravagant from boring

Success mantra for 2021: Treat others the way you would want someone to treat you. 

There is nothing more satisfying than creating a space that’s a comfortable and welcoming home away from home. 

If you have guests arriving, you need to tighten your seatbelts and spruce things up in the guest bedroom to make the most from it. You will find plenty of inspiration to upgrade your guest room, but make sure you don’t end up overcrowding or cramping your room. 

When upgrading a guest room: think ‘hotel room.’ It may help you paint the right picture and help you provide a space that’s welcoming, comforting, and feels at home. 

The good news is with these nine tips, you will spend minimal time getting the room ready for a visitor. 

The bad news? If you set up your guest room well, your guests may plan to overstay!

So, what are you adding to your guest room? Did we miss out on anything important?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

About The Author: Priya Jain is a professional copywriter with 8 years of experience. She has an MBA and engineering degree. When she is not writing, you will find her teaching math, spending her day running behind her toddler, and trying new recipes. You can follow her on LinkedIn.
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