How to Upgrade Your Room to Give it That Luxury Hotel Suite Look

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You too can have a bedroom that competes with the luxury hotel suite look you so admire; that too right within your budget. You heard that right! Luxury hotels tend to make use of certain key elements of interior designing that proves to be advantageous in creating a pristine look. All you need to do is follow in their footsteps; and maybe incorporate a few of your own personal touches, to create a luxurious feel and look into your bedroom that has been unheard and unseen of!

Here’s what you shall need to consider as you set up on your aim to renovate your room to give it a luxury hotel-like glamorous look. 

Upgrade Your Bedding

Why compromise your comfort and aesthetic sense alike to save on a few dollars? All you need to do to give your room that essential hotel suite-like makeover is to upgrade your bedding. Let us tell you how to do exactly that!

Hotels pay special attention to their beds and you need to do the same to create an immaculate look for your room. A good pillow, comfortable mattress, and a soft duvet or comforter along with a high-quality bed sheet is precisely what you need for a bedroom that’s well suited to give those hotel suites a run for their money. 

Start by stacking up a few luxurious down pillows. Those fluffy white pillows that you see in almost every five star luxury hotel have a purpose beyond comfort. They feature a wonderful loft the plush of which not only feels ultra-soft underneath your head but also looks pristine when displayed on your bed. Also, don’t forget to add multiple pillows with varying degrees of loft and sizes, to mimic that hotel-like look. 

As far as your mattress is concerned, we are all familiar with how a stiff mattress can virtually ruin the fall of some of the most high-end bed sheets in the market. What you need to look for in a mattress is not only good quality that can last you many years but also a springy and buoyant look that adds to your room’s hotel-like energy. 

Lastly, your duvets and sheets have a major part to play. Look for pristine colors, or simply ditch colors to go for an all-white theme, that is up to you. What will work however is adding up multiple layers of bedding onto your bed, while being cautious not to overheat yourself as you lie down to sleep.

Invest in the Ambiance

Typically underrated, your bedroom’s lighting design has in fact the power to completely ruin even the most well-articulated look created by your bedding. Hotels usually hire a professional lighting designer to create the necessary impact.

A major rule of thumb is to bring back natural light within your room. Trust us, the serenity of natural daylight is unmatched to date! Since your room’s lighting has been proven to have a major impact on your mood, it’s best to opt for adaptable lights; bright when you are energetic to take on the day, and subdued as you wind down after a tiring day. 

And of course, your lighting design, under no circumstances, operates separately from the theme of your room. You definitely need to take into account the color palette and textures of your walls and bedroom furniture to come up with a lighting design that works well for you.

Replace Blinds with Draping Curtains

Remember when we suggested the use of multiple layers of sheets on your bed to create a luxurious look? The same goes for the window coverings. While blinds are essentially a good way to cover your windows, the extra fabric of the draping curtains tends to lend your room a splendor that is hard to match otherwise. 

Since you do need adaptable lighting within your room, you primarily need a curtain that can completely blackout your room when drawn. You can additionally incorporate curtains the sole purpose of which is to look beautiful, instead of blocking out the exterior light. 

The extra fabric of the curtains tend to add a soft and lustrous look to your room, which is precisely what makes a hotel room so inviting. What you should however keep in mind while selecting the window linens is the texture and colors of these curtains. Make sure to thoughtfully choose linens the texture and colors of which complement that of your bed sheets and duvet covers.

Decorate the Walls

While decorated walls seem like too boisterous an idea, it truly adds a remarkable touch to your bedroom, when done thoughtfully. Most hotel rooms tend to make a grand impact on their guests specifically by putting up an amazing display on their walls. You do have several options to choose from.

The first and foremost way is of course, to play with the colors of your bedroom’s walls. Subdued colors that are neither too chaotic, nor too light to be practically mistaken for white, are simply the best. That too however is subject to the furniture and bed linen theme of your bedroom; and so should be planned alongside.

Other than colors, the ability of textures to add vibrance to your room should also not be forgotten. Your wall textures should not be too complex to overwhelm the room’s decor, yet should add a limited degree of rhythm and movement to the walls. Here are some great wall art ideas for you to get started.

Don’t Forget the Small Details

The small details can be practically anything, ranging from the painting on an otherwise bland wall, or a night lamp that adds a little drama to your bedroom. You would notice most hotel rooms make use of tall lampshades that tend to hover right next to your bedside, casting beautiful shadows during the night while adding a luxurious look in daylight. 

Moreover, most hotel rooms have walls that are adorned with paintings or other pieces of art. These tend to create an impact on the overall ambiance of the room, while giving it a certain character.

Then again, you can add mirrors to an otherwise small room to create an illusion of it being bigger than it seems. Similarly you can incorporate small sitting areas or snacks stands to add energy and activity to it. 

Whatever you do, make sure to keep it in rhythm with the overall theme of your bedroom, or else you will fail to create a holistic look that most hotel rooms boast.

About the Author: Katherine is an interior design enthusiast who loves decorating indoor spaces. She enjoys writing interior design blogs which allows her to share her creativity with her readers.
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