7 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Windows

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Windows have several roles. They let the sunshine and warmth into our homes. They give us a certain ambiance and feel when we look outside.

Windows serve as insulators, as well. The number and thickness of panes can affect their effectiveness.

But windows also add a special look to the entire home. Their shape and type influence the energy that our rooms radiate into the surrounding décor.

In this guide, you can find out more about adding personality and special appearance to your windows.

  • Handling window frames

When you’re buying windows, you can opt for various materials for window frames, from PVC and wood to aluminum and vinyl. This choice will depend on your budget and your practical needs. People living in a colder climate will get windows with frames that increase their energy efficiency. Residents of warmer areas won’t have to take care of that aspect.

Apart from functionality, window frames will affect the appearance of your rooms. If you’re into vintage furniture, go for vinyl and wooden frames. They also make a fiberglass with a wooden look that can also be a great choice.

On the other hand, PVC and aluminum or even fiberglass will fit better into modern home designs.

  • Shapes of windowpanes

If you can choose any shape of windowpanes, it can add a lot of personality to your windows.

For instance, if you want them to look both rustic and vintage, go for muntin windows. They will look great on apartments, condos, and suburban houses.

Another great example of alternative windowpanes are round panes. While they might be a better choice for houses, they can be combined with various types of home designs and make your home look unique.

  • Layers of coverings

You can add various accessories to your windows and energize the entire space they protect.

This includes adding several layers of coverings. For starters, choose the combinations of colors you would like to place on your windows. For instance, blue and orange often go together, as well as lemon yellow and different shades of green.

After that, determine the necessary thickness of coverings for every room individually, depending on the volume of sunlight they receive.

Once you’ve dealt with that, it’s time to visit a custom curtains store and get the curtains and drapes you’ve opted for.

  • Colors of window frames

If you’re planning to change the colors of your window coverings, think about the colors of the window frames.

The good news is that you don’t have to replace entire window frames to get new colors.

The bad news is that the process of changing colors of window frames can be complicated for some materials.

For instance, painting wooden frames is pretty simple. Once you’ve sandpapered them and put on priming, add the color that would fit into the surroundings.

Painting uPVC window frames is also possible, but you need to get proper colors for plastic that will properly adhere to the frames.

Another option is to add decorative colored stripes to your window frames. These details can boost the appearance of your windows.

  • Transparency varieties

Windowpanes can be completely transparent or they can come with different levels of opacity. In mild climates and regions with four seasons, people most frequently opt for completely transparent windowpanes.

On the other hand, if you live in a subtropical region, think about a bit darker windowpanes. The darkening degree will depend on your budget and the temperatures.

Today, you can think about smart windows. You can control their level of transparency/opacity and set it in line with your momentary needs.

  • Rods from reused materials

Modern homeowners should consider turning to eco-friendly options whenever possible. This can include furniture and other items made from eco-friendly or reused materials.

When it comes to adding personality to your windows, it would be smart to opt for curtain rods from reused materials.

For instance, those can be old rods that have been repainted and refurbished. Also, some of them are poles and pipes that have been repurposed. Either way, they can add a touch of a modern ecological approach to home design.

  • Reaching balance with proper valance

Placing a wooden valance above your window is a visually enticing and eco-friendly way of adding a rustic feel to your bedroom. And if that valance is made from old, reused wooden planks, the entire feeling will be even more authentic.

On the other hand, you can stay traditional and make this decoration from fabric. In that case, you have a wide range of options at your disposal, from checked patterns and colorful valances to monochromatic options for more conservative designs.


If eyes are the mirrors of the soul, windows are the mirrors of the home. These mirrors reflect the ambiance of the home both on the inside and the outside. Decorating windows and the space around them will define your home interior in a certain way. We’ve provided only some of the possible options for adding personality to your windows. Feel free to try them and any other original idea you come up with to make your windows visually authentic and practical for everyday use.

About The Author: Zana is a window treatments consultant with over 20 years of experience.
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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