The Art Of Having A Clean Home While Being A Pet Owner

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Owning a pet, such as a dog, can be a messy affair. Their fur gets everywhere, if it’s raining outside, they track muddy paw prints across the floor, they even can chew up and destroy your favorite household items. It might seem as if you will never have a clean and tidy home again some days. However, it is more than possible to enjoy a clean home while still owning a pet. The trick is investing in some preventative measures and the right cleaning products to help keep your house clean and neat.

Utilize indoor/outdoor rugs

When it comes to reducing pet dirt, there is no better option than an indoor/outdoor rug. These rugs have a low pile, can’t be easily torn, and can be hosed down outside easily. These days they even come it lots of stylish patterns and designs. Put them in front of each door, to catch any dirt and water your pet may bring in from outside. Consider putting one under the sofa, dining room table and any other place where your beloved pet likes to lounge.

Nothing soaks into these rugs, and they wipe clean with a damp rag, so they are perfect for drool, sickness, and any other mess your beloved dog or cat makes.

Invest in an automatic vacuum

Pet hair gets everywhere, and even if you own a pet that doesn’t shed, chances are they are still bringing in lots of dirt from outdoors. Most pet owners are forever and always vacuuming their carpets, floors, and upholstery. Why not make this an easier job? Buy yourself an automatic vacuum.  You can even program it to run on a set schedule, so it will clean your floors weekly, without you even lifting a finger!

Coat surfaces at pet height in dark paint

Dark paint hides a multitude of pet-related sins, like nose prints, mud from tail wagging, paw prints from begging for the cat bowl, full of new food, to be put within munching reach. Choose a brand that can be easily wiped down, and feel free to use it in any room your precious animal goes into.

Need a stain lifter? Try Shaving foam.

There is no better stain lifter then shaving foam. It has to be the foam kind and not the gel kind, but it will get any stain out of any material. And it works on the toughest stains like dog vomit and pee, too. Simply spray the shaving foam on the stain, let it stand for one minute or so, and then wipe clean with warm water.

Trade your lint brush for latex gloves.

If you don’t have a latex allergy, instead of using a lint brush, put on a latex glove and run your latex-covered hands over your pet-hair covered furniture. Simple run the glove under your sink and wash the hair off. It’s super simple and saves you loads of time cleaning your lint brush.

Trim your pooch’s nails

Your dog’s claws can get super long and wreck your house’s hardwood floors, puncture and scratch up leather furniture and upholstery. Keeping those nails trimmed will preserve your house, while also preventing injury to your dog too.

Wipe animal feet off after coming inside from outdoors.

To help keep you house in a state of cleanliness, try and wipe your cat’s or dog’s feet when they come in from outdoors with a designated towel, alongside using the indoor/outdoor mats. Your cat might love you more for drying their wet feet.

Cover your furniture

If your pet has a favorite spot or three that he or she prefers to lay down on for a snooze, consider covering it with a sheet or cheap throw that can be easily thrown in the wash. Consider getting a few spares so you can have them on a regular wash rotation. These help make clean up easier and reduce pet odor.

Keep up-to-date on flea medication

A flea infestation is bad news. Put a reminder in your phone to remember your pet’s flea medication.


These are some great ways to keep your home clean and tidy while owning a pet.


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