Make These Home Improvements Your Focus During Quarantine

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While you may be stuck at home during this pandemic, that does not mean that you have to be bored at home. Many homeowners have projects they have wanted to take on for years. Now that you are home every day, you may notice that you have more time to experiment with recipes, clean, and make some of those repairs. If you aren’t sure which ones to tackle, here is a list of the best fixes you can begin while working from home with a focus on ones that will make your home more comfortable during quarantine.

Upgrade the Office

If you have been using a spare bedroom, sunroom, den, or other space as your home office, consider an upgrade. While you do not have to change the entire purpose of the room you can find a new desk, partitions, and décor to change the look of the room. This gives you more functionality in the room and makes it look less like a bedroom. Make one corner of the room yours and use room dividers to create an office space. And you can even decorate those room dividers. Some people suddenly working from home have even used simple cardboard trifold posters to create makeshift bulletin boards. While cardboard posters do not feel as professional, you can make the space look great with a new coat of paint and some cute dividers.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

You may want to do a complete remodel with new tub/shower, tile, flooring, faucets, and toilet. However, you do not even have to go this far. Simply begin by repairing broken tiles, replacing old grout, and doing a deeper scrub than usual on faucets, floors, and toilets. If your faucet is getting old, you may want to check out your local home improvement store to purchase new ones. You can also upgrade toilets to low-flow models. Efficient showerheads may also be installed to cut down on water usage. Clean out under the sink and the medicine cabinet to dispose of any outdated products. Check with your local pharmacy or authorities to find out how to properly dispose of expired medication. Some things are not safe to be thrown in the trash.

Reorganize the Kitchen

Dispose of dishes, utensils, equipment, and gadgets that are past their prime. Can openers, kitchen scissors, and jar openers should be disinfected often. If you cannot remember the last time you did that, do it now. Begin a kitchen cleaning chart where you note the dates that you clean things that do not get washed often. Take the time to clean the back of the refrigerator as well as the floor underneath and also under the kitchen sink. Install a lazy Susan, countertop spice rack, or kitchen utensil organizer, and replace or clean drawer organizers. Replace any of the equipment that you tossed out due to disrepair. Repair and paint the cabinetry and change the curtains or clean the blinds.  Sprucing up the kitchen does not have to be expensive and these upgrades will not requite outside help if you are self isolating right now.


Repair chipped and dulled paint or repaint the walls. You may want to change the colors and if you have children, consider stain resistant paints that are non-toxic. Even adding a dry-erase or chalkboard surface can be a fantastic upgrade for a child’s bedroom. A new color for the living room can make it feel like a whole new space. Find a paint that you love and try it out. It is only paint. If you hate it, change it. If your home has lead-based paint, have it removed and repaint with something non-toxic.


Changing the décor colors or moving furniture can make your home feel brand new. Upgrading your throw pillows to something more modern or adding an antique clock to your mantle can make your living space feel more like you. Since our tastes change as we get older, people will generally want to redecorate and now is the time to do it. Look for bargains, shop online, and check-out resell apps. You might find the perfect décor for a great price. You can also purchase slipcovers, duvets, and other outer coverings to change what you already have. Redecorating does not need to break the bank, and if your pay has suffered, use the time to get creative. Build a new bookcase or take the shelves out of an old one and mount them to the wall.

Upgrade Your Lawn

Plant the garden that you have been dreaming of having for years. You can plant vegetables, herbs, flowers, and greenery. If you already have a garden, consider weeding it and rearranging it. You might add some pots or lawn decorations to change the look or add a fire pit to the back yard with a grill grate. Summer nights at home can be great fun if you have a pig roast and smore night.

Changing your lawn furniture can also help. Add a swing or table to the garden area to create an inviting space. Place a table and chairs around your firepit for a family space that you did not have before. Using the space and equipment you already have can have a significant impact on your yard. If your area needs cleaning and repairs, work on those a little at a time.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your home inside and out during quarantine does not have to be time consuming or expensive. You can often build or adapt what you already have without bringing in contractors for a major overhaul. Take the time to make the necessary repairs and see how you can improve your space. Completing small tasks will sometimes make you feel like you have moved into a new home.


About The Author: Elizabeth Shields is a small business owner from the Midwest. Her passions include home design, architecture and healthy living.
Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

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