How to Elevate Your Home by Making Simple Changes

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You don’t have to have a million-dollar house to enjoy an elegant living space. There are many simple ways to add a luxurious feel to your existing home. Do your best to keep things simple, to maintain clean lines, and to create a sense of space with wide-open flat spaces.

Create a Focal Point

Adding luxury to your home can often be easier if you have fewer possessions on display. While many of us can’t afford to risk a room full of white furniture, carefully review the surfaces in your living space.

If you can see more than one item on a coffee table or a counter, consider paring things down until you can feature and show off one plant or flower arrangement, a single piece of colored glass, or just one book on a coffee table.


If your home is open, consider creating a color palette that is based on one shade, then adding accent colors to differentiate the rooms. For example, your open kitchen shelving can be made more beautiful with baskets, so add a fabric liner to the baskets that fold over the edge. That is your kitchen color.

Invest in some Ikea bookcases and built in storage in your living room. Before you put the shelves up, paint the wall that will serve as the back of the cabinets a bold color to define that space. This painting style will not only bring simple uniformity to your home, but it will make decorating decisions easier.

Private Spaces

Make sure that the elegant additions to your home are for your eyes, too. Add a waterfall tub faucet to the master bath. Buy some scented candles that you love and treat yourself to a couple of plush towels. At the end of a long day, treat yourself to the simple physical comforts of hot water, bath oil, and candlelight.


As possible, strive to keep your home uniform. This doesn’t mean that everything has to match, but try to group the items that you have and love in like ways. If you’re going to hang a grouping of family photos, get a can of spray paint and make sure all the frames are one color. Add a light near the space with a filtered shade so there’s no harsh reflection off the glass over the photos to properly show off your loved ones.

Subtle Storage

If your home is small, make sure to build in storage into every space that you can. Put a flat-topped trunk under a window and add a cushion so you can use the area as a window seat. Store your extra linens in the trunk, and you can both free up closet space and know that your storage space is finite. Being fully aware of your storage limitations can:

  • reduce the impulse to stock up on things you may not need
  • lower the urge to shop as entertainment
  • help your budget

Part of adding elegance to your home is to only invest in what you need. If something wears out, replace it, but until then you can add elegance by making good use of what you have.


Luxury is often all about touch. Keep an eye out for plush throws and pillows. Use them as a headboard for your bed, or drape a plush throw across the back of your sofa in the fall. Make comfortable spots in your home, even more inviting, by adding fabrics that look inviting and snuggly. Don’t be afraid to add weathered wood to your space as well. While it may not look very snuggly, weathered wood is endlessly interesting to the eye.

A plain wooden crate, painted with a dye of rusty tea water can serve as storage for remotes, gaming tools, and other items that clutter up your living space. Designate storage for these items and make the picking-up process a habit. Clutter is never elegant.


Your home can be a castle of elegance and simplicity. You don’t need the floor to ceiling windows or the view of a big city skyline to enjoy a gorgeous living space. Keep things simple, work with a unifying color, and create focal points of the items you love.

About The Author: Regina Thomas is a Southern California native who spends her time as a freelance writer and loves cooking at home when she can find the time. Regina loves reading, music, hanging with her friends and family along with her Golden Retriever, Sadie. She loves adventure and living every day to the fullest.  
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