Top Five Reasons For Drain Blockage At Your House

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Clogged drain is not only nasty and disgusting but it is harmful for the health of the people living near it as well. It becomes the breeding ground for swarming bacteria along with induced odor which over time becomes a problem for everyone. Drain blockage is a common thing to happen in almost every household or offices. There can be many reasons why drains tend to get blocked over time sometime due to the accumulation of hair, grease and gunk. Understanding these reasons can help you stay prepared so that you can better guard your drains against clogging up. Let’s have a look at these points.

Common Reasons For A Drain Blockage:

Grease and fat disposal through sink:

Fat from food and grease tends to build up mostly in the kitchen sinks over time. If left there for a long time, it becomes difficult to wash it down as it sticks to the inner sides of the sink pipes and can eventually cause drain blockage scenario. The blockage can be severe at times and the liquids get stuck as it cannot pass through the clogged drain. In order to avoid grease build-up in your drains avoid washing fatty vessels in the sink as much as possible. You can also pour a good amount of hot boiling water into the drain after washing so that the fat deposits in the pipe passes down the drain instead of cooling down and hardening inside the pipe surfaces.

Toiletry product disposal through pipes:

These days, many toiletry product manufacturers claim that their products are safe to be disposed down the drain. But these claims are too good to be true. Baby wipes, nappies, sanitary napkins etc. can disappear when you put them in the toilet but as they pass through the pipes at times they absorb water and enlarge and thereby causes a drain blockage. To avoid this situation you should keep a garbage can in your bathroom or changing room, and always dispose of your toiletries in these trash bins instead of the pipes.

Hair deposits in pipes:

Body and scalp hair tend to fall off and get accumulated over time in the shower drain outlets. They have no other place but to escape down to the drains. This causes some serious drain blockage problems in every household. It is pretty easy to remove the hair when it falls over the drain cover as and when they fall. But if that practice is not done on regular basis they can build up inside the drains and cause blockages.

Foreign objects deposits:

If you have kids or pets in the house then there are chances that they throw things down the drain, like a toy, solid food item, wrappers etc. Such foreign objects do not pass through the drain and hence creates a drain blockage scenario. In order to avoid foreign objects from entering the drain, the best thing you can do is to keep a watchful eye on your kids and pets.

Structural problems:

There can also be some structural problems in your drain and pipes which may cause the blockage. There can be a fracture in your drain pipes, poor flow of water from the source, bad pipe installation, etc. Most of these problems are undetected with our naked eyes and needs professional equipment’s and experience for proper diagnosis and repair.


These were some of the common reasons for drain blockage can be avoided with regular cleaning and maintenance. However, if it’s too late and your drain has already blocked it is will require professional attention.


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