How to Check a Circuit Breaker Panel in 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

In this 60 second DIY series, Doug Cornwell shows us how to check a circuit breaker panel.

If your outlet or light is not working, the first place that you should check is your circuit breaker panel.

1. Open the panel door.
– Hint: Slide the lever to open

2. Check to see if they are all pushed to the middle.
– Hint: Double check them by pushing on all of them to make sure that none of them have become loose and tripped.

3. Another way that you can tell if a circuit is tripped is if one of the breakers is flipped in the opposite direction.

4. If you find a breaker that is in the wrong direction, flip it to the middle so that it is in a locked position.
– Hint: You will hear the breaker click into place.

That’s it, your circuits should be good to go!

Check back for another 60 second fix from Doug!

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