How To Adjust The Water Level In Your Toilet In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Is your toilet working correctly? This week, Doug’s #DIY 60 Second Fix shows you how to adjust the water level in your toilet. A small adjustment to the water level in your toilet, to the proper height, can help your toilet function efficiently.

Did you know? …. If the water is constantly running, the water level might be too high on the inside of your tank or if it’s not flushing properly, the water level may be too low.

What you need: Phillips head screwdriver

1. Take off the tank cover to check the water level.
– Tip: You want to make sure that when you flush, the water isn’t going into the overflow tube. If water is going into that tube, the water level is too high.

2. Take a Phillips head screwdriver and turn screw clockwise to get the adjustment right.
– Tip: You might have to do this a couple of times until the water level is where you need it to be.

3, Flush toilet to see if you adjusted it enough.
– Tip: You want to come as close to the water line as possible.

And now you have an efficient toilet!

Check back next week for another great tip from Doug!

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