How To Change An Outlet To A GFI In 60 Seconds

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Do you need to update your outlets so they are up to code? In this #DIY how to in 60 seconds, Doug Cornwell shows you how to change a regular outlet to a GFCI outlet.

Did you know that any outlet near water needs to be GFI protected?

1. Unscrew the plate and outlet.

2. Attach the white wire to the silver screw and the black wire (hot wire) to the copper screw tightly.
-Depending on which outlet you get, you will either have holes that they go into (so you will have straight wires) or you will curl them around the screw (curled wires).

3. Hook the bare wire onto the ground screw.

4. Make sure the outlet is right side up and push the wires back into the box.

5. Put the connecting screws through the outlet and into the box and tighten them up.
-Repeat for the bottom.

6. Put the plate back on and screw it into place.

Now you have a GFCI outlet.

Check back next week for another quick fix from Doug!

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