How To Replace A Door Knob In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

This week Doug delivers a #DIY How To In 60 Second Fix that shows you how to replace a door knob. Did you know that the striker plate is essential in the function of the door? Here is an easy tutorial to show you the right steps.

There are various components to a doorknob – strike plate, striker, inside knob and outside knob.

1. Start with the striker – make sure the slanted part goes on the inside where the door pushes up against the frame.
– Tip: If you put it in place without screwing it in, it gives you some flexibility when you put the knobs on.

2. Next, get your knobs – if you have a lock, make sure it goes on the inside. If it’s not a locking knob, it doesn’t matter which one goes on which side.

3. Line the knob up with the striker and then do the same on the other side.
-Tip: If you have a wall behind the knob, use it to help you keep the door in place.

4. Put the screws into the knob slot and tighten them up.

5. Now that everything is in place on the door, put the screws in the striker.

6. Last, mount the striker plate to the frame of the door and screw into place.
-Tip: Make sure the square part goes on the inside of the door. The rounded part should be facing the outside.

7. Make sure it works! 🙂

Check back Friday for another quick fix from Doug!

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