How to Align Your Cabinet Doors In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Over time your cabinet doors have the tendency to shift and look out of alignment. You may even be having trouble closing the doors completely. This can happen for any number of reasons such as humidity causing the doors to swell or perhaps too much weight on one side or the other. Doug Cornwell shows us how to adjust your cabinet doors with just the turn of a screw!

On a European style cabinets, there are 6 way adjustable hinges, depending on what you need to adjust. It will allow it to move straight up and down, in and out from the frame or it will let it tilt side to side.

  1. To adjust the doors so that it closes, take the first screw at the top, move it out just a little bit and then tighten.
    Hint: This will pull the door back.
  2. Test to make sure it works
  3. To adjust the gap from the top of the cabinet to the bottom, take the bottom screw closest to the door and move it out just a touch, then tighten.
  4. Test to make sure it works

Now your cabinets are aligned!

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