How To Properly Hang A Picture

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pic1How to hang a picture straight and securely every time:

Before you begin: Position your picture on the wall so that its center rests at eye level. If it’s hanging in a room where people are typically seated, lower the picture accordingly.



pic2Step 1:

Hammer a 1.5-inch finishing nail through the center of a yardstick, making sure that it pokes out the back end and that the head of the nail isn’t completely flush with the yardstick.



pic3Step 2:

Hang the wire or bracket of the picture from the sharp end of the nail. (Don’t rest the entire weight of the picture on the nail, since the yardstick isn’t strong enough to hold it; just rest enough weight so that the wire is taut.)




pic4Step 3:

Point the nail at the wall, adjusting the stick until it rests where you want the picture to hang. Gently press the yardstick against the wall, just hard enough for the nail to make a mark on the wall. Remove the picture and yardstick.




pic5Step 4:

If using a picture hanger, install it so that the V of the hook will fall at the exact point of your original depression. If just using a nail, simply nail it into the original mark.



Follow these step-by-step instructions and tips on how to quickly hang pictures on just about any type of wall surface.


Click here to see the video tutorial.

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