How To Clean Vinyl Tilt Windows In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Chief Operating Officer of Alure Home Improvements Doug Cornwell demonstrates how to best utilize the tilting function of your new vinyl tilt-in windows in this #DIY 60 second fix.

1. Prop the window open with a book or something level and thick enough to prevent the window from closing.

2. There’s two buttons on the top, you are going to slide them into the middle and pull the window forward.

3. You will then be able to tilt the window down until it rests on the window sill or on the wall.

4. Now you can get to that hard to clean outside glass!

5. When you’re finished cleaning, tilt the window straight back up and make sure that it is going to go inside the frame.

6. Push it until it clicks and then push it back down.

Now you’re windows are clean from the safety and comfort of inside your home.

We make sure the simple things like knowing how to use your brand-new windows remain simple and easy.

Check back soon for another #DIY 60 second fix from Doug!

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