How To Cut A Hole For An Outlet In 60 Seconds

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Need to add an outlet? In this #DIY how to in 60 seconds, Doug Cornwell shows you how to cut through sheetrock and place an electrical box in the hole.

1. First you will need a plastic electrical outlet box.
– Make sure it is suitable to code in your area.

2. Determine a location and draw a pencil outline for the box.
– This is the are you are going to cut.

3. Take a sheetrock knife or saw and cut out the shape of the box.

4. Place electrical box in the hole and use a screw gun to tighten the top screws.
– Go slow with this as it is going to pull in the box.

5. Repeat the same process for the bottom screw.

6. When your done with the bottom screw, make sure that the electrical box is locked in place and doesn’t move.

Now you have an electrical box for your new outlet.

Check back next week for another DIY 60 Second Fix from Doug!

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