Top DIY Home Projects of 2021

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Owning a home lets you become the creator, as in the one who decides how the place looks. Whether you’d like to paint a room or add a new floor, it’s up to you. Here are several projects, small enough to do on your own.

Quiet and Quaint – A Home Office Boosts Your Home’s Desirability

With nearly everyone working from their houses, a home office is a huge perk! Nowadays, especially considering modern trends, working from home is on everyone’s minds. Get ahead of the curve, and have a new office built in your place. That way, even remote work won’t be bad.

Expanding Your Kitchen Cabinetry Always Pays Dividends

Enough time is spent in that kitchen, so upgrading it only makes sense. Anywhere you’ve spent that much time deserves a bit of attention. We’ve seen some great cabinet projects, expanding how much space you’ve got available. Thus, making dinnertime a lot less frustrating.

We’d suggest begging with something simple. Perhaps, adding some new handles might be easy enough. Even a minor change can transform how a room feels, opening up space. Built by hand, handles replaced with exquisite materials, your kitchen takes on a whole new meaning.

If You’ve Thrown Out Outrageous Utility Bills, Try Sealing Your Windows

Enough money has been spent on utility bills to frustrate anyone, especially when you’ve got inefficient windows. Getting some new windows, designed for efficiency, can alleviate a lot of those woes. Yet, without properly sealing them, you’ll run into the same issues.

Resealing your windows is actually rather inexpensive. Plus, since it reduces how expensive your utility bills are, it’s got a tendency to pay for itself. Double-paned windows can help lower your utility costs by up to 10%. All that extra money ought to be thrown towards another project.

The Better Your Bathroom Setup, The Nicer Your Home Will Feel

Stepping into the shower, a sigh of relief escapes your lips, releasing the day’s stress. Not everyone has a bathroom quite so relaxing. But, if you’ve thought about home improvement projects, the bathroom might be where you ought to focus.

For example, a new shower head could really improve your shower’s water pressure, making those steamy nights so much better. Even a better toilet could do wonders. Whatever you improve, if it’s in the bathroom, you’ll appreciate the results. Anyone who has spent some time in a well-designed throne room would tell you the same.

Top 2021 Home Improvement Projects

Would you like to live somewhere that makes every day feel wonderful? Wherever you call home, by doing the right projects, those feelings can be found. We’ve seen plenty enough transformations to know such things are possible, undoubtedly. Start by creating a plan, and then you can work your way up from there. Letting the size of a project overwhelm you seems unlikely, as long as you’ve prepared appropriately.

About The Author: Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Shawn Buys Houses KC, a house flipping company based in Kansas City, MO. Shawn is a licensed realtor, and flips homes full-time. He enjoys swinging a hammer and making a house shine.

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