How To Seal Grout In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Alure Home Improvements’ Doug Cornwell is back for another 60-second fix. In this DIY, how to in 60 seconds, he shows us how to effectively seal grout.

What you’ll need:
– Paper towel or rag
– Grout Sealer

1. Paint the lines of grout with the sealer.
– Hint: Squeeze gentle so it gets into the applicator.

2. Take a rag and lightly go over the area.
– Hint: Do not press into the lines but you want to get rid of the large excess on the tiles before it dries. 

3. Give it about 5 minutes to dry.

Now you not only have sealed tile, but now you have sealed grout as well!  Want to see more DIY, how to in 60 seconds?  Check out our 60 Second Fix Playlist


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