How to Hang a Level Shelf in 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Alure’s DIY expert Douglas Cornwell gives us a lesson in how to hang a level shelf.

Supplies you’ll need:
– Level
– Pencil

1. Grab the level and put it up to the wall.
– Hint: Make sure the wall is level

2. Take a pencil and draw a very faint line.
– Hint: Don’t press too hard so you don’t indent the sheetrock and so that you can easily erase it.

3. Mark your spots for the molly or screws & then hang your shelf.

Once done, you will have a level shelf!

Remember, the key to this is not to worry about the shelf, worry about what your hanging the shelf on.

Check back for more 60 second fixes from Doug!

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