How To Remove Your Cabinet Drawers In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Did you ever have something fall behind one of your kitchen drawers but you never got it because you couldn’t get the drawer out? In this edition of the #DIY 60 Second Fix, Doug shows you how to remove the drawer and then put it back into place.

Most new drawers are bottom mount so it’s not clear how to take them out.  You can’t just tilt and pull them out anymore.  Watch this video and you’ll be a pro!

  1. Reach underneath – there are two orange handles. Once you click them, that releases the drawer.
    -Hint: The handles are on the left and right side of the drawer, closest to the front.
  2. To put the drawer back in place, line up the notches in the back of the drawer with the track and place onto onto the track.
    -Hint: Make sure to line it up correctly so that the drawer sits on the track, otherwise it won’t close.
  3. Slowly push the drawer back in – make sure you go all the way in.
    Hint: You will hear a click when it’s completely in and reattached.
  4. Check the drawer by pulling it out and then closing it again.
    Hint: If it’s a smooth process, you did it correctly.

Now you don’t have to lose anything behind your drawers!

P.S. – Another trick when you take the drawers out, turn them over and pat them.  This is an easy way to clean out those hard to reach cervices.

Check back next week for another DIY 60 second fix from Doug!

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