How To Change The Color Of Grout In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Alure Home Improvements’ Doug Cornwell gives us a much-needed lesson in how to change the color of grout in his latest how to in 60 seconds. 

What you’ll need:
– Clean rag
– Grout Coloring Stain
– Paint brush
– Cup

1. Make sure all the grout lines are clean.
– Hint: Use white vinegar and a rag to clean them.

2. Put grout stain in a cup and dab a little bit onto the paintbrush.
– Hint: Only put a little but on the end of the brush.

3. Now paint the grout lines.
– Hint: It’s okay to get it onto the tile. 

4. Before it dries, take a clean rag and get the stain off the tile and surrounding areas.
– Hint: Continue to clean as  you go. 

Now you have a new grout color on your tile! Not only does it color it, but it also helps seal it.  Come back soon for more How To In 60 Seconds with Doug!

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