Essential Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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The most used room in any household is the bathroom. It is one of the most challenging places to clean and maintain. Also, it experiences the most attack from soap scum, dust, and spotty mirrors as it has the perfect atmosphere to host germs and bacteria because of the steam from the shower. Below are some simple tips to follow that will help you reduce bacteria, and maintain the sparkly cleanliness of your bathroom.

Bathtub Cleaning Tips

No one wants to take a relaxing bath in a dirty tub. The best way to avoid dirty bathtubs is a regular 10-minute routine cleaning once a month rather than a one-hour deep cleaning quarterly. To keep your glass, tubs, and grout clean, you should remove your soap scum.
Action: Clean the bathtub last if cleaning the wall tiles as well. Dampen your whole tub using a bucket filled with hot water. Use a DIY mixture of dish soap (2 tablespoons) with warm water (half a gallon) in your bucket to scrub your bath with a stiff nylon or power scrubber in the water mixture. Rinse out the brush or sponge periodically in a bucket to ensure soapy water is transferred to the tub. Fold a towel lengthwise for your knees to avoid any pain while cleaning. For stains that are stubborn, put water and baking soda paste on them, leave it on to dry for some time, then wipe away. Use a mesh drain catcher to keep the drain clean. Once clean, rinse off the tub with a bucket filled with water or a hand sprayer. Finally dry off the tub by polishing the handles, faucet and drain with a dry clean cloth.
Reason: In addition to the soap-scum issue, the bathtub faucets can harbor Mycobacterium, a pathogen linked to pulmonary disease. Cox noted that turning on a rusty faucet would put millions of germs into your lungs straight away.

Bathroom Glass Door Cleaning Tips

Dirty bathroom glass doors and glass bathroom walls can make an otherwise clean bathroom look sloppy. Sadly it is not smooth sailing cleaning bathroom glass; you don’t just grab a glass cleaner or soapy sponge with a rag. With a little dedication and knowledge, there’s no chance for those hard water spots to stay!
Action: Wet the bathroom glass by splashing water from a bucket or using a bathroom spray. Saturate the bathroom glass using white vinegar in a spray bottle. Leave it on for 10mins, so it soaks in, extends further for more robust build-up, so there is dissolving of soap scums and hard water spots. Use baking soda as an abrasive by dipping your scrub sponge into it and scrubbing the glass. Use fresh water to rinse off glass once clean and satisfactory. After you shower or bathe daily, wipe down your bathroom glass using a squeegee that you should always keep there. Although it’s higher cost advice, install a water softener to help. Keep your bathroom glass dry.
Reason: Additionally reduces mineral build-up on your bathroom glass and faucets.

Essential Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Mirror Cleaning Tips

When smudges, streaks and water spots are looking back at you, then it’s time for your mirror to get cleaned. Your bathroom can look dirty just because of a dirty mirror. Follow the below steps to keep your bathroom mirror clean as it’s not just as easy as a quick wipe with a cloth and glass cleaner.
Action: Remove any gunk, grime, and dirt build-up from splatters of toothpaste or hairspray using a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol. Spray a light misty layer of either a vinegar solution or glass cleaner on your mirror. Clean in a Z motion repeatedly. You can use a crumpled newspaper as a replacement for fiber cloth. Stepping away from the mirror can help you view the angles or spots you’ve missed.
Reason: Removes streaks and stains so you can use your mirror.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning Tips

If your toilet can flush, you can clean it; although it’s a daunting task, it’s a worthwhile task.

Action: Pour toilet cleaner or a vinegar and baking soda solution into your toilet. Allow it soak after swishing the mixture with a brush. While mixture soaks in the toilet bowl, spray an all-purpose disinfectant on the toilet’s exterior. Clean the toilet’s exterior using a scrub sponge paying close attention to the floor and base. Don’t forget to clean the toilet seat, as well as underside rims and water tank using a sponge or brush. Clean the bowl using a toilet brush after the exterior of the toilet is clean. You might need automatic toilet bowl cleaners to remove water stains and rings.
Reason: Regular cleaning is a necessity if you want an easier cleaning task, so there is no build-up of grime, stains and kills bacteria making your toilet safe.

Wall Tiles Cleaning Tips

Tile can be tough, and a complete nightmare for maintenance, but if not removed, grit and sand will scratch the surface. Margaret O’Malley noted that non-washed tiles may incur long term damage. Furthermore, a room can look dirtier because of dirty tiles, mainly since the grout absorbs dirt and can darken with time.
Action: Wipe off the walls using a wet cloth to remove debris, sand and loose dirt. In a bucket mix vinegar (half cup), hot water and dish soap (half a tablespoon). With a sponge dip into the mixture and scrub off bathroom tiles, rinsing off sponge afterward. Dry off the walls using a microfiber cloth. You can use a hand steamer or vacuum cleaner to clean your wall tiles. Clean from top to bottom. Use non-abrasive tools to avoid damaging grout
Reason: Cleans away microscopic film and hard water stains that invites more dirt and germs.
Don’t undo all the work you’ve done by leaving chemicals on the surface. Rinse off all your cleaning tools, sponges, and cloth. Most importantly, enjoy your bathroom. Please check here for more bathroom tips and improvement

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