What you need to know before designing your guest bathroom

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Whether you’re remodeling the upstairs after your kids have moved out or building an addition for some extra space when family comes to stay, it’s important to think about the guest bathroom. With major redesigns and construction, it can be easy to focus on the layout and bedroom design over guest bathrooms, but these small restrooms can have plenty of functionality when planned correctly.

Alure Home Improvements’ kitchen and bathroom designer Patricia Nicolini explained in an interview that there are a few features homeowners should keep in mind when designing a guest bathroom.

Keep it simple 
A guest bathroom is typically the third bathroom in a home, and it’s primarily used by friends or family members who are coming to visit or stay at your home. This means that it doesn’t need the functionality of an everyday-use bathroom.

A guest bathroom should be simple, multifunctional and welcoming.

A guest bathroom should be simple, multifunctional and welcoming.

Nicolini recommend homeowners make the design of a guest bathroom simple. There’s no need to install the frills and features that a master bathroom would have or the functional details that other bathrooms may require. You’ll likely spend more time cleaning this room in preparation for guests than using it, so there’s no need to go overboard.

Focus on storage 
The most important feature that you need in your guest bathroom is storage, Nicolini explained. Whether it’s under the sink, in a freestanding cabinet or a wall shelf, storage in a guest bathroom is perfect for towels, bedding and other linens you may want your guest to have. Consider keeping a few other guest essentials, like new bars of soap, toothbrushes and other hygiene products, that they may have left at home.

“The most important feature that you need in your guest bathroom is storage.”

By adding extra storage, you’ll also increase the usefulness of a guest bathroom when nobody is visiting, because it allows you to store your own bathroom or bedding belongings as well.

Install a shower
The best guest bathrooms just feature a shower, no need for a tub, Nicolini said. This is perfect for an overnight friend with business in the area or an older parent who needs a seat in the shower. You may also want to use a hand shower, Nicolini advised. This makes for easier cleaning and works well with older guests.

Think about your own taste
While it is a “guest” bathroom, it’s also yours, so make sure your design tastes shine through. From the materials to the color scheme, let your guests feel welcome in your home. People will be much happier with a design that reminds them of you than a bland, design scheme.

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