Bathroom Planner: A Private Oasis to Suit All Your Needs

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For many, renovating the bathroom is a process that they dread from, as it involves a lot of money and banging of the hammer. However,if you stop looking at the refurbishment of your bathroom as a great hassle,you will soon find out that this is a great opportunity to turn over the ambiance of the entire house. Basically, if you plan ahead for all the new features that you are going to introduce, there is really nothing to be afraid of.

A carefully drawn up bathroom ensures that you create a private oasis to suit all your needs without spending too much money and with the ability to use the bathroom again as soon as possible after the renovation work is done. There are several things that you need to plan for but if you are unsure where to start from, we offer these 5 simple tips on how to go about your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Adding a statement piece

In interior design, it is all about balance. Balance of shapes, balance of colors, and balance of sizes. However, if you wish to make a bold décor statement, you should introduce one piece of furniture that will be like nothing else in the room. In most cases, homeowners choose an antique mirror as their statement piece because of the decorations on the frame, its vintage color of grey, gold or black, and its sheer size. Essentially, such a vanity piece does not belong there, which is precisely why you should introduce it to your bathroom. You can use a vintage chandelier instead of an oversized mirror, but whatever your statement piece is, make sure it becomes the focal point of the entire bathroom.

Mixing the colors up

Unless you are really picky, you will have probably decided on the standard white color pattern for the bathroom: white washbasin, white tiles, white shower /bathtub etc. There is nothing wrong with this staple design but you are going to have to add some colors to the bathroom palette.For instance, the shower curtain could feature a jungle motif with a lot of green elements. The towels should not be white but rather blue or grey just to break the “whiteness” of the whole room. Think of new details you introduce as a chance to accentuate that part of the bathroom with some color, as even toothpaste and the toothbrush can be of different color. Every little detail counts!

Introducing a bidet

If you are searching for a feature that is innovative, health-beneficial, and intimate, then a bidet is just the thing you need. Don’t believe all the negative stereotypes about it, as they are a standard feature in many households. People who already own a bidet consider it far superior to the conventional toilet bowl, mainly because of the health benefits. Cleaning your intimate parts is much easier with a soothing jet of water than by the use of rough toilet paper. Installing a comfortable bidet toilet seat is beneficial for people who are especially prone to skin irritation, such as small children, pregnant women, and seniors. A bidet enables older people to become independent and use the toilet on their own, while pregnant women find it easier to simply press a button than to make a full body twist to clean themselves.

The outdoors inside your bathroom

Because the main purpose of a bathroom is to provide you with a space where you can relax, natural elements are more than welcome.Besides placing a flower pot here and there, there are other rustic design features that you can introduce. Even an image of a plant, like a fern, would look good on the wall, as it will usher the color green that we spoke about earlier. The laundry basket can be woven and made from natural elements and because of its size, it will definitely leave a huge impact on the overall atmosphere. Finally, somewhere in the corner of the bathroom, you could place araw-wood stool that would complete the outdoor look you were trying to achieve.

A bold solution: a black and white décor

Truth be told, the more elements and colors that are involved, it is easier to create bathroom décor. With so many features to play with, anyone could create a pleasant atmosphere. However, if uniqueness is what you are trying to achieve, try to decorate the bathroom using only two colors: black and white. This might seem challenging at first but remember that you already have the white background that now requires a splash of black. Start from the edges, like the shower, the bathtub, or the windows, as they can be painted black. When it comes to fixtures like faucets and valves, you might have to engage in some online shopping before you find these features in the color black. 

The private oasis you are going for is not that hard to pull off if you approach the renovation of the bathroom in a serious way. Remember,it is all about the right planning!

About The Author: Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.

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