5 Ways to Make Your Home Bathroom Family-Friendly

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When it comes to your children and family’s safety, the bathroom is always first on the list. You need to be sure that after the relaxing and deep sleep under your warm, healthy comforter, your morning journey to your bathroom would not be a disastrous experience. From non-slippery tiles to germ-free bidet toilet seats, it is crucial to keep the bathroom family-friendly, especially if you have little kids to take care of every day and you can’t monitor them every hour.

Worrying can cause stress. So instead of stressing yourself out about how to keep your family out of danger, consider renovating your bathroom. And to make sure you use the right things to incorporate into your bath space, you can use the following tips:

  1. Get a Step Stool

Your children need to do things independently while they are young. To keep your kids safe while preparing them to do things alone, get your kids a step stool. Usually, bathroom counters and sinks are too high for children to use and difficult to reach. As a solution, provide them a step stool to have comfortable access when they brush their teeth and wash their faces. It can also help save space since some of them fold.

  1. Hang Bathroom Hooks Low

Children are little humans only. Hooks are helpful in the bathroom and efficient to use. However, bathroom hooks are typically too high for kids. To ensure the safety of kids while hooking their towels, make sure to place another towel hook in a low-level part for them to effortlessly reach. You can either set it behind the lower part of the door or on the wall.

  1. Use Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidets are one of the many essential bathroom needs nowadays. If you want to keep the private parts of your family clean to keep them away from bacteria-causing infection, provide them a bidet seat to useafter they use the toilet. Some bidet seats have cool and easy-to-use features that are perfect for children. This way, you do not need to always assist them.

  1. Let Them Have Fun Using Soaps

Kids love playing with bubbles. To keep them entertained and enjoying bathroom time, buy them soaps especially made for children. A little fun time in the bathroom is not always a bad thing.

  1. Get Them a Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder, bathroom sink and counter, and towel hooks are usually in high places preferable for adults. To give your children easy access to their toothbrush, provide them a separate brush holder that is within their reach. Choose a lively, bright color with whimsical designs to give them extra entertainment while brushing their teeth. This way, it might even persuade them to brush their teeth every day without any pushback.

Safety and cleanliness always comes first when it comes to your bathroom space. Having a family-friendly comfort room does not just keep your family from minor accidents, but it could also be a fun way to keep your bathroom design lively and entertaining.  

About The Author: Walker Smith is the guy behind BidetGenius. In 2006, he was an enthusiast on the supply chain management of bidet seats, bringing it to homes at an affordable price and within the fastest time as possible. He built his small office on his father’s printing press, and years later, there are warehouses in Missouri and New York. To continue the advocacy of bringing joy and pleasure of washing behind with a bidet rather than tissue paper and wipes, he shares informational articles on blogs. 

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