3 characteristics of a speedy bathroom remodel

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A perfectly designed bathroom goes a long way. Bathing in a brand-new tub and getting ready for the day in front of a freshly designed vanity can help streamline your morning and evening routines and make them much more enjoyable. While it can make a world of difference, a bathroom renovation doesn’t necessarily have to be a major project that takes months to research and weeks to complete. Richard Reese, kitchen and bath designer at Alure Home Improvements, explained the benefits of undergoing a complete gut and remodel of your bathroom while keeping the footprint of your existing space.

1. Convenient
Between researching bathroom contractors, choosing the best materials for your floor and countertops and deciding on the perfect sink and shower, the whole project can take a while to complete. However, by keeping the footprint of your existing space, you can completely gut and remodel your bathroom in as little as five days. You should look for a remodeling company who will make your life easier. By choosing a designer who can “bring the showroom to you,” you can save the time of having to go to multiple places to pick out different products.

2. Affordable
Undergoing a total remodel can be expensive – especially when knocking down walls and moving plumbing from one side of the room to the other. It’s ideal to go with a renovation that will give your bathroom a totally new look and feel with minimal work. Something as simple as changing the bath tub to a shower stall, or vice versa, can create a new look without the added cost. This will accomplish the goal of a modern, properly functioning room while saving you money on your overall project.

3. Qualified design specialists
Choosing a highly qualified designer is just as important as the time and money you spend on a home improvement project. Look for a designer who specializes in bathroom remodeling to make sure he or she knows all of the ins and outs of a properly installed room. This will help when it comes to storage solutions, plumbing installation and other aspects specific to a bathroom remodel. 

“Look for a remodeler who will install new electrical wiring back to the panel with a GFCI outlet, new shutoff valves and traps under the sink and toilet and a new shower body,” said Reese. 

Details like this will be addressed when you are aligned with a qualified and reliable remodeler.

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